11-X – LGI Supplements Review

11-X – LGI Supplements Review

Our Review of 11-X – LGI Supplements

11-X by LGI Supplements is an excellent clone of the original Adrenosterone prohormone 11-OXO. Way less cheaper and still a legal prohormone (2013), 11-X contains 75mg of 4-androst-3,11,17-trione (Adrenosterone) and I got great results from it : gaining lean muscle mass while also dropping some body fat (cortisol control). We can consider 11-x by LGI Supplements (like any other Adrenosterone prohormone) an equivalent prohormone to Stanodrol. Keep the dosage high and you will get awesome results from 11-X !

Product Description of 11-X – LGI Supplements

The great prohormone manufacturer LGI Supplements brings you an excellent clone of 11-OXO (adrenosterone) : 11-X ! 11-X contains 75 mg of 4-androst-3,11,17-trione (Adrenosterone) and will deliver great results. 11-X is known to give minimal side effects and some great lean mass gains while also controlling cortisol which will give you a better hardness of your muscles.

Where to buy 11-X – LGI Supplements ?

11-X is no longer available on the market. We recommend you to read our article about the best prohormones of 2019.

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