8 Effective Treadmill workouts to lose weight quickly!

8 Effective Treadmill workouts to lose weight quickly!

Running is probably one of the best ways to lose fat and it is very simple and yet people underestimate it so much.

The most common reason why many people look down up on running is the fact that they once tried it and didn’t get the results they desired for.

This article covers, some treadmill workouts to lose weight, these workouts will take your body out of your regular comfort zone to make you shed weight quickly.

The workouts are especially designed in such a way that you lose maximum weight in minimum amount of time. And, few tips are also mentioned that will help you run better and safer.

Basic functions of treadmill

Enter details

Most of the treadmill machines have function to take user’s detail such as age, weight, amount of time he/she will run, this helps it to calculate the amount of calories you burned.

Although, it is not a very accurate measurement, still it can give you a rough idea. Looking at how much calories you have lost, motivates you further.

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitor

If you ever used a treadmill you might have seen that there is a section in the display that shows your heartbeat. How can treadmill possibly calculate your heartbeat?

If you look closely there are two handles in front of you, most of the time they are metallic. Pulse sensor is attached to it and when you hold them, it monitors your heartbeat.

Again, the measurement can be a little off the mark, but it is still better than nothing.

Whats on the display?

A normal display of the treadmill can show at what speed you are running, how much distance you have covered, incline degree, calories burned, heart rate and time duration.

You can choose a particular type of program, which has a fixed set of laps, speeds and time for which you have to run. Laps are also displayed.

Emergency stop

You might need to stop the treadmill suddenly, for that a treadmill have either of the two features. It will have an emergency button, on pressing it the treadmill stops within a second.

Or, it will have an emergency key. It is basically a thread which have a clip on one end and a key on other. The key fits in a slot on the treadmill, then only the machine can start.

And, you have to put the clip on your clothes, so if in case you fall, the string will pull the key out of the socket and the machine will stop right there.


In most of the treadmills you’ll have an option of inclining the floor. This makes the walk even tougher. You’ll get to choose the incline level and it is displayed on the screen.

Treadmill workouts to lose weight

Burst workout

In this workout, you have to follow a high intensity (75-80% of VO2 max) run with a long period of rest and you’ll repeat this for at least 5 times. The interval of high intensity should last for at least 30 seconds.

Slow walking during rest will keep your body in motion and it will keep your body warm if you are going to rest for long duration.

Burst workout helps you in two ways. First of all, lots of calories will be burned while you run with such intensity.

Apart from this, it will also increases your metabolic rate, which will help to burn fat 24-36 hours after your workout routine.

Note – Since, you are already in a fat burning phase after workout, so it is better to not do such kind of training on consecutive days.

Set-a-calorie-count workout

It is always a better option to set a goal while doing something. It not only tells you where you stand, but also gives you an idea of how much more you have to go.

In this workout, before jumping onto a treadmill keep a calorie count in your mind, say 1000 calories. And, don’t leave the treadmill until you reach that goal.

This workout will be really helpful if you want to lose lots of weight. Losing insane amount of weight requires your dedication in both kitchen and in the gym.

Of course, how much you can run also give you a goal, but it is not necessary that distance covered is always translated into calories lost.

Incline treadmill workout

Incline treadmill workout

If is probably the best way to lose weight on a treadmill. If you go to a hilly region you will seldom find a really fat person. This is because they go up and down the hill a lot, which burns a huge amount of calories.

Remember, to lose weight fast, you have to train your body in number of ways. High intensity is one way to train and incline is another.

If you do both in combination you can see some really good results.

30 minutes workout

You have to do this for thirty minutes. So, the more you push yourself to run, the more you’ll lose fat. If you can even run for 10 minutes in those 30 mins, then also it is enough.

If you can don’t hold the bars or keep your hands rested. When you are spending 30 minutes at the gym you need to utilize it as much as possible.

For whole 30 minutes, especially when you are fast walking keep on flexing or practise punches, whatever you do keep your hands moving.

This will mark extra calorie loss in your session card. Below we will discuss various things you can do to run faster and longer without any injuries.

Side-back-side workout

Side-back-side workout

The name tells you a lot. When you are just going forward, what you are doing is training a number of muscles again and again.

This leads to training one set of muscles too much, while leaving another set of muscles completely under-trained. The workout is designed to target this problem.

Walking side ways helps in training those inner leg muscles that most of the regular leg exercises fail to do. Walking backward and that too on an incline trains your hamstring really well.

Escalation treadmill workout

All you have to do is increase speed by half a mile after every 2-3 minutes and go on till you reach your maximum capacity.

You might have noticed it while running on a treadmill, when you increase your speed you feel little uncomfortable and slower than you should be.

But, after a few seconds, you feel that you don’t have to run that fast. And, if you don’t look at the monitor you’ll feel someone have slowed it down.

2-3 minutes before increasing the speed will get you comfortable at that speed and it will be easier to make that transition to the next level.

Deescalation treadmill workout

Yes, as the name suggests, it is exactly opposite of what you did in the escalation treadmill workout. Since, you have to deescalate you have to be in a high position at first.

For example, if you start running at 10 miles/hr, and after sometime you decrease the speed by one or half mile. You can put a time limit also, for example, after every 2-3 minutes.

This workout is great because you can run more for a longer period of time. For example, when you lift 20 pounds after that lifting 15 pounds seems very easy.

Same logic applies here, after running at 10 miles/hr and then shifting to 9 miles/hr will make it feel like a walk in a park.

Hypoxic treadmill workout

Hypoxic training involves training in an environment which has low oxygen availability. It is inspired by training at above sea level. It should be added to every treadmill weight loss program.

Due to low oxygen level your body produce more RBCs, plus energy consumption is also very high.

There are few gyms available that allows low oxygen rooms and cabins where you can not only run or a treadmill, but also do normal workout.

You can get a decent hypoxic mask online for around $100.

Long stride lunge workout

Lunges are a good exercise for your legs and lower back. As good as it is, it doesn’t not very tidy exercise, whether to do lunges at one stop or you do walking lunges.

Doing lunges on a treadmill is very easy, the part of stretching your leg forward is assisted by machine. Long stride lunges activates your hamstring very well.

To make the task a little more difficult do this on an incline. These were some treadmill workouts to lose weight and below you’ll find tips to make them more efficient.

Tips for running on a treadmill to lose fat

Breath through stomach

Breath through stomach

The more you can run the more calories you can burn. So, in order to lose weight you should be able to run for a longer distance.

The way you breath can make a huge difference in how fast and how long can you run. Any normal person breaths in an incorrect way.

The correct way is to breath through you stomach. It actually means when you breath your stomach should inflate and not lungs.

While running make sure to breath through the stomach, that way you’ll be able to take more oxygen per breath.

Method 1:

Do 4 counts inhale and 4 counts exhale.

Method 2:

Do 2 counts inhale and 2 counts exhale.

When you are running at slowly pace, you should use the Method 1 and when you running at high intensity use the Method 2.

Perfect Stance

Perfect Stance

These techniques and skills not only helps you to run for a longer duration, but they also make sure keep yourself away from the injury.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is neither to land or your toes nor to land on your heals. It is the middle part of your sole that should hit the ground first.

Secondly, while running never look down or curve your shoulders. When you either one of those you are restricting your lungs from expanding properly.

And lastly, always lean a little forward while running, your own weight will give you momentum to move forward.

Do leg exercises

It is a very simple thing, when you have bigger muscles you can run faster and for longer, but just running will take years to build those kind of muscles and muscle stamina.

The best exercises you can do are squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg press, leg extensions, leg curls and calf raise.

Doing these exercise will not only make your legs stronger for endurance, but these exercises are quite fat burner in themselves.

Make sure to use really heavy weights, that way your metabolic rate will increase and more testosterone will be released.

Empty stomach cardio

If you running to lose weight, then it is better to run on an empty stomach, early morning. The reason behind this is the fact that you have been in a fasted state for about 8-10 hours.

There is no glucose or fatty acids flowing in your blood that can be utilised by your body for energy. The only two options your body is left with is to break fats or muscles for energy.

To prevent muscle break down you can have a serving of whey 45 minutes before doing your cardio.

Although, the effectiveness of this technique is on debate, but many body builders swear by it. You have to try it to believe it.

So, these were some treadmill workouts to lose weight and tips on how to maximize the efficiency of a workout.

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