9 reasons high testosterone makes you attractive

9 reasons high testosterone makes you attractive

Testosterone is a hormone, known to have millions of benefits for your health. But, its benefits aren’t limited to that. In fact, there are a dozen ways in which testosterone can make you look more attractive. For many people, their looks take a priority over their health. A high T level in a man appeals to women in several different ways, some are direct and some are indirect.

You pick out a bunch of men you know or celebrities, who you think good looking. In most of the cases there will one thing common in those people; high testosterone. It leads to the development of certain features that makes you look and behave more manly.

In this article, we will discuss ways in which testosterone makes you more attractive. After reading it, I am sure, you’ll be begging for more testosterone. But the thing is, if looks are your primary concern, then you should try to go as natural as you can because it will enhance your looks in several other ways, that TRT can’t.

High testosterone makes you attractive

High testosterone makes you attractive



There must be a guy in your group or in your surrounding, who looked like total shit but suddenly his face was covered with hair and he was surrounded by girls. All this is the magic of testosterone.

Although, repulsed by hair on other body parts, women find facial hair very sexy. It is something about facial hair that makes woman tick. I think it is the same old rule of opposite attracts. Men would prefer a girl with no facial hair, what-so-ever because that is their opposite and the same things goes for women too.

Other thing would be that the facial hair makes your face look more bigger and a stubble make your jawline look sharper, giving you that edgy look of a model.

Deep voice

Deep voice

Have you heard a voice on a television commercial or a documentary and thought this voice is appealing. This is all because of testosterone. Testosterone basically increases the size of your vocal cords, during your puberty.

Although, it is seen in many cases, people taking anabolic steroid felt a deepening of their voice. The fact is, no matter what your age is, a good amount of free testosterone circulating in your blood can still make your voice deep, although not as deep as Benedict cumberbatch’s voice.

Increased strength

In animal kingdom, the males fight with each other to prove their strength to their female, one with most power claims the her. Humans aren’t very different. Every girl wants a guy with whom she feels safe and protected.

Little increase in strength can make you that guy. Testosterone is very helpful in increasing you strength, people who go to gym will notice this strength gain more easily.

Plus, when you have more strength you can lift more and do more reps, that will make your physique more attractive.

Better immune system

Better immune system

A study conducted on a large group of men, showed that men with better immune system appealed more to women.

The immunity in men is highly dependent on the growth hormone. Higher the testosterone level in your body the powerful your immune system.

Actually, immunity per se doesn’t enhances your attractiveness, but higher immunity comes along with many features that women find attractive.

More Muscles

Well, this was a pretty obvious one. Testosterone helps you to build more muscles and faster. All the good trainer advice you to do compound exercises for overall development of muscles.

The reason behind this is that compound exercises increases testosterone more than any isolation exercise. The more testosterone you have the more easily to will put on lean muscle.

Your recovery time also improves. Apart from building muscle, testosterone removes the storage of excess fat, especially from the belly area. That is why, men involved in body building opt for Testosterone replacement therapy. It helps them build more muscles in less time.


Apparently, men with high testosterone level throw off a scent that strikes the fancy of women. According to women, that kind of body odour seems more masculine.

The study showed that women in fertile phase of their menstrual cycle felt more attracted to the scent of a men with high growth hormone level. So, you don’t have to buy a perfume ever in life. All you have to do is sweat it out and walk around!


Women craves for a man with little aggressive streak in him. Testosterone does that work for you too. It doesn’t mean that it will make you violent, but its more about aggression in dealing with the life.

With high testosterone flowing, you will be in more or at least you’ll try to be in more control of things around you. And, a woman like nothing better than a man in control. Who can just take her. I think, it is needless to say that you don’t have to be a jerk in order to do that.

Chiseled face

The main job of testosterone is development of muscles and you might be aware that our face is composed of many muscles, more than 30. Testosterone makes those muscles strong and tight to give you that manly look.

On top of that, testosterone also removes fat from the face to project your facial features even more. So, many model you see with the chiseled face, with traceable facial muscles, that’s the work of high testosterone.

I don’t want to give anyone false hopes, your face structure is more dependent on your bone structure rather than your facial muscle. But, whatever little role the muscles play, if they play it well you will see some amazing noticeable change.

Skin Glow

People undergoing testosterone replacement therapy notice a visible glow in there skin. This kind of healthy glow makes a man look more attractive.

Although, you don’t have to necessarily undergo TRT in order to get that glow. A little workout in the gym or an intense running session can get you enough testosterone.

You must know, that long-slow run instead of increasing testosterone, does the opposite. Whatever you do, try to keep it short and intense!

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