Alpha 20 – LGI Supplements Review

Alpha 20 – LGI Supplements Review

Our Review of Alpha 20 – LGI Supplements

Alpha 20 by LGI Supplements is a Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) prohormone clone. This is currently my favourite methyl 1 alpha prohormone on the market for many reasons. First, it’s dosed at 20 mg of Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone with 60 caps per bottle for only $30. This probably the cheapest price you can find for a potent prohormone like that. Moreover, Alpha 20 is one of the strongest legal prohormone you can find that will converts to the potent m1t (Methyl-1-Testosterone) with a 15-20% rate of conversion. Extreme size, muscle and strength gains is what you can expect with Alpha 20 with a very short cycle. Thumbs up for this great prohormone ! Please read our methyl-1-alpha for the protection (support + pct) you’ll need.

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Where to buy Alpha 20 – LGI Supplements ?

They’re quality and prices are very low : this is why LGI Supplements are sold in all prohormones sites ! Alpha 20 is a legal prohormone that you would be able to buy at a very low price (probably one of the lowest!). Buy Alpha 20 while you still can, prohormones like that will not last so long… (If not available, look just below for links to other m1a prohormones clones) :

Alpha 20 by LGI Supplements

Buy Alpha 20 – LGI Supplements

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Product Description of Alpha 20 – LGI Supplements

LGI Supplements gives you an other strong prohormone : Alpha-20. As usual, quality and price are here for Alpha-20 which is a m1a (Methyl-1-Alpha) clone. With 20 mg per caps of Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone, you can expect some massive gains for your muscles and strength. Since Alpha-20 has a conversion of 15-20% into m1t, you can expect gains up to 20 lbs (depending you diet) under a 4 weeks cycle. This legit prohormone is dedicated to advancers users only !

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