Alpha-M1 – Dynamic Formulas Review

Alpha-M1 – Dynamic Formulas Review

Our Review of Alpha-M1 – Dynamic Formulas

I did not had the chance to try Alpha-M1 but this prohormone contains the same ingredient (Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone) as the original Alpha One prohormone. This is a Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) prohormone dosed at 20 mg and users should expect really big gains of muscle mass ! This is probably the most potent prohormone available on the market so I would only suggest it to advanced users. See our m1a prohormone profile for dosage and protection recommended.

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Where to buy Alpha-M1 – Dynamic Formulas ?

Many manufacturers stopped their production of Methyl-1-Alpha prohormones but this not the case of Dynamic Formulas. From what we know, m1a prohormones are not even banned in the USA ! As of writing this article (june 2013), Alpha-M1 is sold very cheap for the results that it will give to you. Here is a link to buy it (If not available, look just below for links to other m1a prohormones clones) :

Alpha-M1 by Dynamic Formulas

Alpha-M1 by Dynamic Formulas

Buy Alpha-M1 – Dynamic Formulas

You can have other offers for a quality Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) Clone here:

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Product Description of Alpha-M1 – Dynamic Formulas

Dynamic Formulas brings back to life one of the most powerful and potent prohormone on the market : Alpha-M1 ! This prohormone contains 20 mg per pill of Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone which is known to be a very strong compound. Indeed, Alpha-M1 (alike other m1a prohormones) converts about at 15-20% of the very known m1t (Methyl-1-Testosterone) ! Alpha-M1 will give you the strength and the muscle that every bodybuilders want in the gym ! Be ready to feel the extreme feeling of taking an ultimate prohormone…

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