Alpha One Cycle Log and Results with Mr.Incognito

CEL Alpha One Cycle : Results and Log with Mr.Incognito

Dashboard of this CEL Alpha One Cycle Log

Supplements Cycle Setup :
– Alpha One Competitive Edge Labs
– CoQ10
– Fish Oil
– Hawthorn Berry
– Liv52
– Melatonin
– Red Yeast Riche
– Silymarin
– Taurine
– 5-HTP  
Post Cycle Therapy Setup :
– Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)
– Torem (Toremiphene Citrate)
– Avena Sativa
– Creatine
– Super Cissus
– Tribulus
– 1-Carboxy

The Alpha One Cycle Plan

Week 1-2 (Preload) : Hawthorn Berry and Silymarin daily (Normal Servings)
Week 3 : Alpha One 20 mg daily // Normal servings for other
Week 4 : Alpha One 40 mg daily // Normal servings for other
Week 5 : Alpha One 40 mg daily // Normal servings for other
Week 6 : Alpha One 40-60 mg daily // Normal servings for other

Week 9 : Torem 90 mg first 4 days then 60 mg daily // Clomid 50 mg daily // Normal servings for other
Week 10 : Torem 60 mg daily // Clomid 50 mg daily // Normal servings for other
Week 11 : Torem 30 mg daily // Clomid 40 mg daily // Normal servings for other
Week 12 : Torem 30 mg daily // Clomid 20 mg daily // Normal servings for other

The CEL Alpha One Results and Log

Here is a short insight about Mr.Incognito’s Results (gains / side effects)  with his CEL Alpha One cycle. (sorry no pics)


  • + 10 lbs
  • Increased Strength (heavier weights on all exercises)



  • Acne
  • Joint Paint
  • Lethargy


Now, some details about how the cycle was (Mr.Incognito Point of View) :

Started at 245 pounds. Since the beginning of the cycle, I’m feeling lethargic but I have good workouts. I’m also very hungry !

Now after a little more than one week, my weight is now up to 251 lbs. I have a better strength (weights on chest machine went from 380 lbs to 410 lbs) ! The recevory between my sets is way better than usual. I also feel like I can workout all day. Today I had “redness” on my face so I decided to take one dose of UDCA.

After two weeks, everything is going very fine at gym ! My workouts are great and I increase my weights everywhere except on shoulder because of pain. Libido was very good at the beginning of the week but now it’s low 🙁 When outside of the gym, I’m very lethargic and I also have some bad acne on my face.

It’s now last week of the cycle before post cycle therapy. I take now 3 caps (60 mg) daily of Alpha One. Look like I have gained some great lean muscle mass. I always thought Alpha One was a “wet bulker” but it’s not for me. Had a very good chest workout today and I break a new record (325 at bench).

I’m now in PCT, I gained a solid 10 pounds overall. I’ve been feeling very sick at the end (like a flu) because workouts are still damn great ! The side effects were not that bad but I felt very lethargic at night and generally outside of the gym.

Source of this prohormone review : Mr.Incognito, member of the

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