Cyanobol – Hardcore Formulations Review

Our Review of Cyanobol – Hardcore Formulations

Relatively new on the market, Cyanobol by Hardcore Formulations is just a “normal” cynostane prohormone. I did not take Cyanobol but Hardcore Formulations supplements are legit so I guess Cyanobol’s quality is good. Depending on your diet and training, users of Cyanobol should expect a muscle mass gain of 5 to 10 pounds for a 4 weeks cycle. At a very low price, Cyanobol is good choice for a prohormone cycle.

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Hardcore Formulations supplements (including Cyanobol) are starting to be sold in almost all good online bodybuilding stores (If unavailable, look other offers for a cynostane prohormone below) :

Cyanobol by Hardcore Formulations

Cyanobol by Hardcore Formulations

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Product Description of Cyanobol – Hardcore Formulations

Afraid of taking the Superdrol prohormone because of the side effects ? Hardcore Formulations presents you Cyanobol which is a cynostane prohormone (2-cyano-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-androst-3-one). One sentence describing Cyanobol prohormone : low side effects and gains comparable to Superdrol ! That’s right, with Cyanobol the muscle mass gains can goes up to 15 lbs for a 4 weeks cycle.

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