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Our Review of D-Plex – Competitive Edge Labs

D-Plex from Competitive Edge Labs is the same exact clone of “The One” from Applied Nutriceuticals. D-Plex contains 17-a-methyl-etioallocholan-17b-ol-3-hydroxyimine and this is a very good prohormone for beginners and avanced users (for staking prohormone). Don’t expect a lot of gains from this prohormone but a great increase in your strength, focus, agression and performance. This is the perfect prohormone for a recomposition cycle and for staking multiple prohormones.

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Where to buy D-Plex – Competitive Edge Labs ?

Competitive Edge Labs has discontinued their production of D-Plex because of the low sales (D-Plex and The One are still legal) but with some chances, you can still buy it in some online stores :

D-Plex by Competitive Edge Labs

D-Plex by Competitive Edge Labs

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Product Description of D-Plex – Competitive Edge Labs

Launched in 2009 by Competitive Edge Labs, D-Plex is the same exact clone of “The One” with the same compound : 17-a-methyl-etioallocholan-17b-ol-3-hydroxyimine. D-Plex and The One are known for giving lean gains and to increase your performance in the gym. D-Plex is the ideal prohormone a for a recomposition cycle or for stacking prohormones.

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