OLYMPUS LABS: Elim1nate, Sup3r PCT, Ar1macare Pro, Massacr3.

OLYMPUS LABS: Elim1nate, Sup3r PCT, Ar1macare Pro, Massacr3.


Persistent athletes and bodybuilders know well enough that their enemy is estrogen, which may bring plenty of undesirable side effects derailing you from your way to success in your fitness endeavor. Leave your worries behind! Olympus Labs has come to offer you a solution called Elim1nate, which will ultimately eliminate estrogen impacts. Elim1nate is not just a powerful and efficient estrogen inhibitor. It also enhances testosterone production and boosts anti-catabolic effects!

Elim1nate comprises 100 mg of Elimistane Luteolin in every capsule. Consequently, it has everything necessary to get those lean and dry muscle gains you have been trying to achieve.

All athletes and prohormone users can take advantage of Elim1nate. Some prohormone compounds tend to convert to estrogen instead of testosterone. Elim1nate guards your goals and gains and eliminates any possibility of bloating, excess body fat, and moodiness.

Eliminate Benefits

  • Cortisol and Cholesterol Levels Controller
  • Estrogen Blocker
  • Testosterone Booster
  • Lean Muscle Enhancer
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Caffeine Free
Elim1nate - Olympus Labs

Where to buy Eliminate ? 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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How to take Eliminate the right way

The agent should be taken as a dietary supplement. Olympus Labs recommends you to take 1 capsule 3 to 4 times daily along with food. Never exceed 4 capsules a day.


Experienced athletes know how important a PCT supplement is when some prohormone, testosterone enhancer is taken during a cycle. Olympus Labs offers SUP3R PCT — the most powerful and efficient PCT supplement on the current market. Forget about countless supplements you have taken before to carry out your post-cycle therapy. Now, all you need is SUP3R PCT and you are good to go.

Powerful Super PCT

The supplement comprises efficiently dosed ingredients of the highest quality. The formula will keep up your libido, recover your body’s normal homeostatic processes, block bad estrogen production, lower cortisol levels, and guard all you cycle gains. SUP3R PCT is the only remedy you will need to take for quick recovery results. Experienced bodybuilders will most certainly use SUP3R PCT for post cycle needs over and over again irrespective of what prohormone or testosterone enhancer they use.


Fadogia Agrestis (stem) Extract. The compound enhances sexual behavior due to increased testosterone and LH levels, so it makes you feel like an alpha male. 
Bulbine Natalensis. The compound increases libido and boosts testosterone levels.
Horny Goat Weed. This ingredient helps athletes to correct erectile dysfunctions and increases vascularity. 
Mucuna Pruriens. This compound is similar to Dopamine, helping bodybuilders to improve their spirits! High spirits lead to larger muscles and better energy.
Trans-resveratrol. This ingredient will ensure perfect metabolic processes. The athlete’s heart will function better, cholesterol level will stay controlled, and anti-inflammatory response will improve! 
Purified Shilajit. The substance is an extremely powerful mineral to promote health. Athletes will experience higher testosterone levels, improved sperm production, and overall health condition.
N-Acetyl-Cysteine. The NAC ingredient helps the liver function properly and increases the volume of antioxidants in the body to ensure faster body regeneration! 

Super PCT Benefits

  • Brings liver function back to normal
  • Enhances testosterone levels
  • Complete post-cycle therapy (PCT)
  • Keeps cortisol levels in check
  • Detoxifies and restores body substance balance
  • Brings estrogen production back to normal
Sup3r PCT - Olympus Labs

Where to buy Super PCT ? 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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How to take Super PCT the right way

It is best to take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the evening two hours before you go to bed. Never exceed 8 pills (1 serving) within a day. 

Never use this supplement along with or instead of your cycle support products. In case you need a supplement to support your cycle, consider using Ar1macare Pro offered by Olympus Labs.


Well-versed athletes know how important it is to take some cycle support supplements like liver support, testosterone enhancers, or other probiotic substances during the cycle. They, of course, know they cannot go cheap with on-cycle supplementation. Olympus Labs offers Ar1macare Pro and assures you cannot find better cycle support on the current market as the supplement is clinically dosed and all the ingredients are of the highest quality. All the benefits the supplement provides are as follows: liver health support, reduced bad estrogen levels, increased natural testosterone, and improved cardiovascular system. Unlike competitors, Ar1macare Pro produced by Olympus Labs is an all-in-one supplement providing you with all you need during your cycle workout.

Main compounds and their advantages

Phytosome Milk Thistle. The ingredient guards the liver and kidneys function from toxic impacts.
Aged Garlic Extract. The compound provides benefits for cardiovascular system health.
Picroliv. This substance protects the liver, enhancing its function.
Luteolin. The ingredient inhibits aromatase agents, which converts testosterone into estrogen.
Tudca. The substance ensures liver function and protects it.
Grape Seed Extract. This is an antioxidant, which can lower your blood pressure.
Mucuna Pruriens. The compound supports positive mood, as well as increases attention, memory, and motivation. It promotes lean muscle growth as well.
Beta Vulgaris Extract. The compound is also called Beetroot extract. It is a strong antioxidant promoting liver function, lowering blood pressure, and allowing athletes to enhance their performance.
N-Acetyl Cysteine. The ingredient guards liver function

Arimacare Pro Benefits

  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Supports liver function
  • Optimizes hormone levels
  • Eliminates and controls estrogen
  • Comprehensive on-cycle therapy
Ar1macare Pro - Olympus Labs

Where to buy Arimacare Pro ? 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Olympus Labs recommends you to take 8 capsules daily: 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the evening. You can take the supplement either with or without meals. The supplement is to be taken while on a cycle on workout days and rest days.


The Massacre supplement is brought to you by Olympus Labs. It is an all-natural Laxogenin designed to help sportsmen build muscles and gain amazing pump results! The supplement will perfectly suit your body if you want exclusively natural stimulants! The offered supplement comprises 3 natural bulking compounds and a high dose of Laxogenin promoting natural muscle gains.

Olympus Labs Massacre compounds

PhytoFUSE otherwise called Laxogenin or 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin. Laxogenin has a natural origin, being a plant ingredient. When taken, it actually instructs the body to produce its own natural steroids. Laxogenin increases protein synthesis and lowers its breakdown! The compound has a downside — the body cannot absorb it completely. However, don’t get upset! Olympus Labs has brought good news for you! PhytoFUSE is a specific technological delivery routine. Resorting to this new tech, you can rest assured that Laxogenin will get absorbed the best way possible. 

Olympus Labs has another creation around and it is Vaso6! The compound is a specific blend of Nitric Oxide enhancers: Green Tea and Grape Seed. The ingredient enhances protein synthesis in your body, allowing you to gain more! The substance works to improve your endurance during your workouts and increases your blood flow, helping you to get amazing pumps you always badly wanted. 

UroBolin B is an ingredient produced by the body when you consume meals containing ellagitannins like strawberries and pomegranate. Multiple scientific research tests have proven UroBolin B to be a helpful substance increasing protein synthesis, which is good for damaged muscle recovery. 

Massacre Benefits

  • Strength boost
  • Cortisol Control
  • Joint Support
  • More Vascular and Fuller Muscles
  • Muscle Mass enhancer
Massacr3 - Olympus Labs

Where to buy Massacre ? 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Olympus Labs recommends you to take 2 capsules before meals or before your workout sessions. You should not take more than 2 capsules daily. Olympus Labs makes Massacr3, using all-natural components. Thus bodybuilders of both sexes can use this supplement. It is advisable to take the supplement for no more than 8 weeks and then take 4 weeks off at the very least. You will not need any PCT or Cycle Support supplement with this product.

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