Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack Abs

Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack Abs

Most of the people who try to get a six pack abs fail. Only very few of them succeed. And, in order to get six packs you must know what both winners and losers did. Accordingly, you will do what winners did and you avoid things that losers did.

Getting six pack abs is not a very humongous task, especially when your approach is right. In fact, your approach will decide whether or not you’ll have six pack abs and if you do, then how much time will it take.

In this article we will discuss the things you should do to get six pack abs very fast. Of course, the time duration it will take will also depend on you body fat. If you have 10% body fat, then it can happen in 1-2 weeks also. The more body fat the more time it will take. We will also discuss, how to get six pack even with high body fat.

Number of crunches

First of all, your abs are muscles, and they should be treated like other muscles. You might have heard people doing thousands of crunches. It is not only a waste of time but it can have contradicting effects to your goal. Our body is not made for working for long hours. Humans are specifically designed for short interval high intensity work.

You might have seen marathon runners, almost all these runners are thin, they have lost all the muscles over the year. The lesson here is that you train a single muscle too much, then instead of it becoming big you might suffer muscle loss. So, what you have to do is train for a short time but train with much resistance and intensity.

Don’t do 100 crunches but do 20 crunches properly and try to make them as hard as you can. Even if you are doing planks, don’t just lay there in plank position, in stead try to make it as hard as you can by shifting you hand and leg position.

A thumb rule of doing plank, it should be so hard that you can’t do it more than 12 secs. As I have said before, you can spent that time on other things that are more useful.

Burn fat the right way

Burn fat the right way

Now, imagine there is a house in a jungle. If you are standing outside the jungle then most probably you won’t be able to see the house. To do that you can do two things, either you cut down the tree or you make the house bigger. In this case, trees are fat and house is abs. In order to see the abs you need to cut down fat. But, the approach most of the people take is wrong.

If you think that you can remove all the belly fat with crunches then you need to think again. Against the popular belief there is no such thing as “spot reduction.” Spot reduction is the concept of reducing fat from one part of the body, by working on it.

Why you should use legs to burn fat and not your abs?

I am sure, you might have already thought the answer to above question and if you didn’t then read along. First of all, legs have more endurance then abs. You have been using your legs all you life, which means you can run fast and run long. This helps to burn lot of fat.

And, if you use your abs to burn fat, first of all it will take you thousands of crunches to burn the same amount of fat which is equivalent to the fat burned by a short run. Secondly, your abs will get tired very easily. Hence it is not viable to use them to get six pack abs.

The second reason you should use legs to burn fat is the fact that leg muscle are huge, especially when you compare them to the abs muscles. And, it is logical, the bigger the muscle, the more energy is consumed to use it. More energy means more fat burn.

Right technique to get six pack fast

Like, every other exercise you need proper technique to build abs fast. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to remember a list of things. You have to remember just the three things: 1) Range of motion 2) Squeezing and 3) Breathing.

Range of motion

Range of motion

For abs your range of motion should be very less. For example, when you are training your upper abs, you don’t need to go to the top. Just slightly above the ground is more than enough and in fact it is the right way. When your range of motion is very much, you are transferring the tension from one part of abs to another which means the muscle you are targeting is not getting the desired amount of stress. Hence, you won’t see enough muscle growth.

Breathing out and squeeze

It is important for you to breath in a systematic manner. Breath out while squeezing. You’ll see when you have exhaled completely you’ll be able to squeeze even more. I see people just going with the motion. If you don’t focus on squeezing hard then you won’t get six pack abs quickly.



I have told to in the beginning of the article, if you want to get abs in spite of little body fat you have to make the house(abs) bigger. And, the only way to do that is adding resistance. The good thing about it is that you can add resistance to pretty much every exercise of abs.

Of course it is better to start with only your body weight but after sometime you can start adding weight to your exercise. Remember, more the weight bigger the abs. But, make sure to use your abs for motion. The position and function of abs is such that it is very easy to use other muscles while training them.

Do the crunches in fixed sets and reps. That will help you in finding out when you can upgrade to a heavier weight. If you can now do same sets and reps of crunches more easily then little heavier weight will be nice for you.

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