Furazabolin – MyoPharma Review

Our Review of Furazabolin – MyoPharma

Furazabolin by MyoPharma is another great cutting prohormone that gives great results with low or no side effects. Furazabolin is a Furazadrol (Orastan-A) prohormone clone that contains 50mg of 5a-Androstano{2,3-c}furazan-17b-tetrahydropyranol ether per pill. You can either use it in solo for a cutting / recomp cycle or in a prohormone stack ! The only bad stuff regarding Furazabolin (and any other similar clones) is that you need a lot of bottle to run a cycle with a solid dosage. Apart this, Furazabolin is a great prohormone !

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Where to buy Furazabolin – MyoPharma ?

MyoPharma is a quite recent company that produces good supplements and prohormones. Furazabolin can be bought easily in many online stores at a regular price (it’s still a legal prohormone in 2013) ! (If unavailable, look other offers for a Furazadrol (Orastan-A) prohormone below) :

Furazabolin by MyoPharma

Furazabolin by MyoPharma

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Product Description of Furazabolin – MyoPharma

MyoPharma brings you an excellent prohormone for your cutting and recomp cycles : Furazabolin ! Furazabolin is a Furazadrol (Orastan-A) prohormone clone that will help you lose bodyfat and get lean muscle mass. While it has a similar structure to Furzabol (a rare japanese oral steroid), Furazabolin is comparable to winstrol – stanozolol for its effects.This non methylated and cutting prohormone is excellent for beginners like advanced users. Used in solo or in prohormone stacks, Furazabolin by MyoPharma will gives great results.

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