Glycolog – Blackstone Labs

Glycolog – Blackstone Labs

Your body releases a lot of hormones, and insulin is one of them. However, people usually underestimate its importance for bodybuilding. In fact, insulin controls your body’s storage system. When you consume carbs or other food, insulin hormone transports nutrients to your body muscles, rather than your fat tissue. If you don’t want to restrict yourself in food, eat whatever you like and still gain muscle mass, Blackstone Labs GlycoLog is meant specifically for you!

Do you consume carbohydrates and get fat?

A certain internal body process starts releasing insulin into your bloodstream when you consume carbohydrates. Right at this point, you have to choose whether you want your gains to sky-rocket or slam onto the floor. And that is all yours to decide!

Lots of bodybuilders believe that if they eat what they want and as much as they want, they are going to quickly get fat. There is a grain of truth in it, but let’s have a deeper look at the problem. Those elevated insulin levels, occurring because you eat carbs, can be advantageously used. Insulin is the most probolic hormone in your body and it would be good to take advantage of it to make your entire inner environment more probolic. The process ends up with glycogen which leads to rapid muscle growth.

Consequently, in case you want carbohydrates to hugely stimulate your muscle growth, take Glycolog with meals containing every high amount of carbohydrate!

Benefits and results

Glycolog works best for those athletes who are on a carbohydrate diet, especially those intending to bulk. In case you are on a cutting cycle, use Glycolog exclusively with your largest meals containing carbohydrate!

Gain on muscle mass • Less carbohydrate convert to fat • Promote nutrient absorption • Huge muscle pumps and pronounced vascularity • Naturally emulates insulin effects • Suites men and women

Glycolog - Blackstone Labs

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Dosage directions

Blackstone Labs recommends you to take 3 capsules twice a day with a high-carb meal. Do not take more than 6 capsules a day. Never exceed the recommended dosage as it will not anyhow improve your bodybuilding results.

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