How long to wait before doing a next cycle of prohormone ?

How long to wait before doing a next cycle of prohormone ?

The wait time between cycles of prohormones

Waiting a sufficient amount of time after a prohormone cycle before starting a new one can be really beneficial.

First, it helps you recover completely from your cycle. A bloodwork can confirm this by checking different levels (testosterone, liver, lipids) so you know it’s back to normal ranges like it was before the cycle. It’s a very important point because you don’t want to f*ck up your health for some muscle gains brahs !

Secondly, a lot of people thinks “wait time” is good to restore your androgen receptors. I won’t start a debate (I believe this statement is not true) but waiting a certain time should help you have better results on your next cycle.

Thirdly, it’s also for your mental health. Some people stay always “on cycle” because they believe they can’t make gains without prohormones. Staying all year round on prohormones (or any other anabolic product) can messed up badly your mental and physical health. This choice is yours but we suggest to best for everyone here (take some time off prohormone !)

So, how long should I wait before next cycle of prohormone ?

1. The quick and safest answer is : you wait the equivalent of time you were “on cycle” plus the aditional time of your post cycle therapy (PCT). In other words, time ON + PCT time = the total wait before doing your next cycle.

Let’s give an example. You’ve just ran a Halodrol cycle of 6 weeks with a post cycle therapy of 4 weeks. You need to wait at least 10 weeks before jumping back on a new prohormone cycle.

2. Some users wanting to get back rapidly on prohormones will just wait a few weeks after the post cycle therapy. This can be a “good idea” but you really need to feel good before doing this. Feeling good here mean : have the same libido like before the cycle, do a bloodwork to check out liver, lipids, testosterone… In general, we only recommend this option to advanced users.

3. Then you got the hardcore people (less safe for your health). Some never stop being on prohormones by doing bridges. A bridge is done when someone take a low dosage of prohormone so it do a “bridge” between two regular cycles of prohormones. We highly don’t recommend this even if some high end users tend to use it.

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