How to build muscle without gaining fat?

How to build muscle without gaining fat?

Everyone of would want to gain a little muscle but is it that simple. No, it isn’t. Until, you have lots of money in your pocket and you can afford various body building supplements and a trainer and a dietician, it will be difficult to clean bulk. Although, if you keep few pointers in mind and change your lifestyle a little bit then it won’t be a problem.

If you are aware of some basic principle on which your body works, then you’ll be able to master it. In this article, we will talk about how to bulk without gaining fat.

7 Ways to build muscle and loss fat:

Regular cardio

While bulking it is almost impossible to just gain muscle and not gain any fat. So, you have to be prepared to gain some fat. Consider it as a side effect. So, you need a channel through which you can burn the excess fat. Cardio is one of the best ways to lose fat. You make sure to do cardio at least twice a week.

Another benefit of doing cardio is that it will open up your lungs. And, an increase in lung capacity will tremendously help you with your weight training. Remember, the intense your cardio the more muscle you’ll make while burning fat.

There is a belief among people that cardio can decrease the size of your legs. That is certainly not true. In fact, in a study done on both young and old man showed that people who did cardio 4 times a week, with max 80% heart rate saw a distinguishable amount of increase in size.

Of course, people who walk for 2-3 hours at a slow pace will see a decrease in the size of muscles and testosterone.

Stop too much carbs intake

Stop too much carbs intake

The dilemma almost all the people face is how much carbs should I take. Actually, it depends upon many factors. Both low-intake or high in-take is a problem. If you take low amount of carbs then required then you won’t be able to build muscles and there are two reason for it. Muscle glycogen can be seen as the energy stored in muscles for working.

When you are under training you deplete muscle glycogen very quickly and if you don’t replenish the stores it will drastically effect your performance. And, for glycogen you need carbs. But, on the other hand if you eat too much carbs it will make you fat. The reason behind this is that, our body have limited storage space for carbs, so the body converts the excess carbs into fat.

Now the only solution to this problem is experimentation. First of 2-3 weeks, you take carbs in good quantity. If it is more than you need, you will start seeing some increase in belly and face fat. If that happens, you need to cut down around 20-30%, then go on this diet for 2-3 weeks and see if you are still gaining weight. Do this until, you see no increase in belly fat while you gain muscles and perform well in gym.


If you want to build muscle and loss fat at the same time then you need testosterone. Lots of testosterone. Low testosterone causes increase in fat and muscle loss. If you or your friend is not able to build muscle, in spite of spending hours in gym and a high protein diet than this might be a reason. There are plenty of ways with which you can increase the size of testosterone.

First of all, you need to include lots of compound exercises in your workout routine. Compound exercises target more the one muscle group at a single time. Due to this, the body produces and releases large amount of testosterone.

There are few things you can do to prevent drop of testosterone level. First of all, excess masturbation is a common cause of testosterone. Your eating habit, your sleeping habit also play an important role in the production of testosterone. In fact, you being around hot girls can increase your testosterone by 10%. So, you need what to do!



There are 3 ways with which you can provide energy to your body; carbs, fats and protein. In order to build muscle you need lots of protein. Apart from building muscles protein also helps you get rid of fat, as the process of protein synthesis is very energy consuming. Always remember to eat high-glycemic index carbs immediately after workout. There are two reasons for it. Firstly, it helps in replenishing the skeleton muscle glycogen level and secondly, the insulin released in the blood due to carbs helps in protein synthesis. Many people will argue that it is not necessary to eat immediately after workout but there is absolutely no evidence behind this claim.

Run daily for 10- 15 minutes

Running is the best way to lose fat. It not only helps in losing fat but it also makes you sweat more. Psychologically, sweating boost your energy which is very good for intense workout. Plus, there are many people who don’t warm up properly before a workout. And, the regular stretching exercises are very tedious. You should run at least 10-15 mins before every workout. You can start by walking at a slow pace and gradually increase the speed.

Eat the right way

Eat the right way

You might have heard of 6-8 meals plan a million of times. Apart from limiting the large amount of calorie in-take at a single time, it also helps you lose more weight. The science behind it is that when there is a big gap between the two meals, your body goes into an energy saving state. In this state, your body burn least amount of fat. So, it is important that you don’t eat heavy meal and divide a single big meal to several small meals. When you eat lots of calorie at a single time some part of that is used to provide the body energy, the rest is stored in the body as fat or glycogen.

Train with heavy weights for building muscles

Cardio is good way to lose fat but too much of it is not good when it comes to muscle building. You need a portion of everything in your plate. Lifting heavy weight is as important for body building as oxygen is for living. Basically, when you lift heavy your body struggles you do that task, it gives your brain a message that more muscle is needed to do the task. Hence, your body goes into an anabolic phase.

Heavy lifting is not only good for gain muscles but it is also helpful in losing fat. It is seen that, when you lift heavy weights your body burns lots of fat not only while workout out but also after it. And, heavy weight is relative, what might seem heavy to someone might seem light to you and what might seem heavy to you it might seem light to someone else.

You only need to find a weight which give adequate resistance in the initial reps and give extreme resistance in the last few reps. Make sure you don’t go on with a weight for very long time because after working with the weights for sometime you’ll develop the appropriate muscles, so, it won’t benefit you much.

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