How to Look Good Within a Budget?

How to Look Good Within a Budget?

Have you ever seen a group of girls giggling at an extremely handsome man or a man who is able to turn the head of every man/women who passes him by. The feeling of being wanted is ecstasy in itself. You might think that looks are gods gift to the most fortunate ones but that is not true.

There might be some people who look good in spite of never stepping a foot in the gym, or in spite of drinking like a fish, but these people are exception, a sort of anomaly. There are two truth that every human must except 1) The way you look is very important and most of the people will treat you differently depending up on the way you look. 2) Every last person in this world can look good.

In this article, we will talk about some real ways with which you can look good. I am not saying that doing all this will make you look like a super model but it will definitely make you more attractive and more desirable.

Most of the people think that good looking people don’t have to work hard to look good, which is far-far away from the truth. The celebrities you see on TV spend an awful lot of time to look that good. I would be lying if I say that you won’t have to spend any money on your looks, but it won’t be as much as you might think.



Face is probably the first thing anyone notice in another person, especially if that person is man. If you have a nice face then you can get away with a weak body also. But, man don’t pay much attention to their face. And, the funny thing about it is, it is the easiest and probably the cheapest way to become a good looking man. Let us start with facial exercises!

Do you even face workout!

Many people go gym and even more think about going to gym but 99% of them think of training every muscles except the muscles in your face. Yes, if you don’t know yet, there are lots of muscles in your face, that gives shape to your face. Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking any credit from the skull. In reality, the shape of face bone is very much responsible for the shape of your face, but it is not in our hand to change the shape of your bones. What we can do, is exercise those muscles. You’ll be amazed how much even one session of facial exercise can make. A thumb rule, the smaller the muscle the faster it will develop.

You can exercises the muscles to get sharp jawline and to make your cheek bone more eminent. Frankly, there are lots of videos available on the internet that focus on various facial exercise you can do, but you won’t need to do so much exercising.

NOTE – Don’t try to be extra aggressive while doing these exercises. As I have told before, small muscles develop fast and mass gain is very easy. Putting too much tension on facial muscle can distort their perfect shape.

To Shave or not to shave

To Shave or not to shave

Being a man, the thing you can really thank god for is facial hair. Why? Because it can make a normal looking man to a man who have be called attractive. I don’t need to explain this any further, I am quite sure you might have had at least a guy in your acquaintance who looked like total shit but suddenly testosterone kicked in and with all those facial hair he became eye candy for opposite sex.

But, just growing facial hair uncontrollably won’t help you, especially if you have patchy beard. For those people it better to stay between being a gentleman and a caveman. Little stubble is very attractive. You must experiment a little bit, ask your female friend, what suits you the best.



Your hair can make a tremendous amount of difference in the way you look. The people who don’t have hair can really tell you about that. But, people who do have hair take them for granted. It is normal human behaviour. If you pick the top good looking people you have known you’ll notice, they all had impeccable hair. Now, the question arises, can you do something some your hair? The answer to that question is a big yes.

Thickness of hair

If you have thick hair, you are already taking a lead. The beauty of thick hair is that even if they are not shampooed or style properly they still look awesome. And, if you work on them, then sky and heaven is the limit. But, if don’t already have thick hair here are few things you can do.

Actually, it is important to discuss things you shouldn’t do first:

  • Don’t smoke – When you smoke DHT level in your hair increases, which causes thinning of the hair follicle over a period of time.
  • Don’t drink too much- Drinking have somehow the same effect on your hair as cigarette.
  • Don’t sleep less – Hair and skin are two crops on the same field. If the field is fine then both of them will remain fine. And, to keep the field, i.e, your body fine you should keep sleep for at least 6 hours.

Now, let us come to the things you must do to have thick hair.

Things you should eat

To have thick hair you must supply your scalp the necessary nutrients and food. Although, it is necessary to have balanced diet but there are few vitamins and mineral that are more important for your hair then others. Flax seeds is a food that you must have in your diet, it has omega 3 which is good for your skin and hair. It also gives your hair the lustre that expensive hair products promise to give.

If you eat eggs without the yellow part (egg yolk) then you are missing on a very important nutrient for hair, which is biotin. Green tea have lots of anti-oxidant and is known to promote hair growth. All these things are readily available in the market and are on a budget.

Meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga

There are many yoga exercises that are known to improve blood circulation in your scalp. And, just by improving the blood circulation you can make a big difference. You’ll notice stoppage of hair fall and on top of that new hair will start coming. In reality yoga helps all the internal organs to function properly, which manifests in your skin and hair. Stress is a very common cause of thinning hair and hair fall, and there is no bigger stress buster than meditation.

Shampoo and oil your hair regularly

It is seen that people who shampoo regularly tend to hair thicker and denser hair than people who don’t. First of all, when you clean your scalp it allows the skin to breath properly and secondly shampooing is a form of massage which improves blood circulation in the scalp. Oiling does the same thing. Make sure to use natural hair oil that contains hair growth promoting ingredients.

Get your hair colored

Believe it or not, hair color makes your hair thick, as it adds a layer to your hair strand. Since, the past few years the quality of hair color have gone to a completely different level. So, if you have money to go to a professional, it will be worth it.

Hair cut

Now, you are hoping for thick hair but side by side you need to get a nice hair cut from a nice salon. As I have told before, looking good takes you time, effort and you money. A nice hair stylist who knows his/her job can do wonders. A stylist don’t randomly start cutting your hair, they take certain factors into consideration, such as, the thickness of your hair, shape of your face, your hair line etc. A normal barber won’t be learned enough to think all that. Next time you think about ordering a pizza, instead save that money and spend it hair. When women will turn around to look at you, you appetite will more than satisfied.

Go to gym

Go to gym

Tell me, how long will it take for you to get a girl with a body like that. Muscle building is yet another thing which gives not so good looking guys, a fighting chance to look good. There are numerous benefits of working out when it comes to your looks. First of all, gyming will help you remove the belly fat which although liked by some women, but it is still considered a turn off by many.

Secondly, it will help you to put some muscle mass. Try to remember the last time you met a girl who didn’t like bigger arms or who considered six packs unattractive. Men and women think the same way, they get aroused by the same thought and if they see a person of opposite sex having a good physique, they surely get attracted. They might not show it readily.

Most of the women will get attracted to a man with broad shoulders and thin waste line because genetically they are programmed to do that. Similarly, in a strictly biological point of view, when a man gets attracted to a women with nice butt, it is not his fault, it is his genes telling him that she seems to be a fertile mate for reproducing.

If you are not a good looking person it is not your fault, if you don’t have money it is not your fault, if you don’t have blue eyes it is not your fault but not having a good physique is your fault. It is one of the very few things, that is really in our control. Working out gives your skin radiance, improves your immunity and increase growth hormone. Testosterone is released in more quantity when you workout. The more testosterone you have the more masculine you’ll appear.

Buy stylish clothes to look good

Buy stylish clothes to look good

Your clothes can make a lot of difference in your overall look. An ordinary looking person can become a head turner just by wearing the right clothes. Although, if you have good physique, pretty much everything will look good on you, but there will surely be some clothes that will look better than other clothes.

Finding the right clothes won’t be a much problem as you have power of the internet. You go to any online clothes selling site. It will not only sell you individual clothes separately but it will also sell you the entire look. The look will have top, bottom, shoes and other accessories. The only way you’ll be able to find the perfect look is by trying and experimenting.

You can only develop good eye for stylish clothes by noticing what other good looking people wear. And, if you want an idol for fashion, then you won’t find someone better than David Beckham.

You must have few more person in mind who are fashion icon, following them will help you find a better taste in clothes. Remember, always try to by very nice and expensive pair of jeans because you’ll be wearing it for a long time. And, no one will notice even if you wear the same pair for 10 consecutive days. Same goes for jackets, you must at least have one jacket in your arsenal.

David Beckham

There are certain clothes that look amazing on pretty much every one. Now, try to think about one person who will look bad in the above clothes. Go on the internet and search for images of your favourite stars and try to find clothes like what they are wearing on the internet. You can complete that look with sun-glasses or ear stud. Try to be creative. You try this one time and your life will change forever.

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