How to not be tired? 100% effective methods.

How to not be tired? 100% effective methods.

Why am i always tired and have no energy? What are the reasons for being tired? These are the two question practically every person needs to be answered. It doesn’t matter whether you a man or woman, a professional or a house wife, old or young, it is always important to be energetic all day.

It not only makes you more productive, but it also keeps you happy. You’ll seldom find a person who is filled with energy and unhappy at the same time.

If you are tired of being tired then your should follow all the methods in this list, then it is guaranteed that you’ll start being energetic all day long. Many methods in the list will start showing immediate effect. But, in order to make these efforts permanent, you need to exercises them daily.

Breath properly

Breath properly

If a person breathes properly, most of his/her physical problem will be automatically sorted out. But, unfortunately most of us don’t know the right way to breath. Deep breathing is the right way. When you take slow deep breaths it give allows your lungs to soak up the maximum amount of oxygen. And, more oxygen means unlimited amount of energy.

Apart from this, deep breathing is very helpful in bringing down the stress level. And, a person with high stress is usually very tiresome.

The real obstacle to this approach is our own habit, that we have formed over these years. But, if you can make a habit, then you can also break it. Or, replace it with another habit. You have to keep reminding yourself to breath deep. Asked your loved ones to remind you and you yourself remind them.

You can also use desktop wallpaper, reminder on your cell phone, pillow cover or you can wear a band. It might take some time to get use to this habit, but once it is formed, it will have tremendous benefits.

If get so tired after work that you can even lift a finger than you should definitely try deep breathing.

Drink water

Most of us underestimated the wonder one glass of water can do. Water is needed for practically every chemical reaction taking place in your body. Less water means these metabolic reactions might be interrupted due to shortage of water. And apart from 25% of protein, rest of the 75% muscle is made up of water and glycogen. So, you need water for that too.

Eat right breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you might have heard this line millions of time. But, how many people take it seriously. Improper first meal is one of the most common causes of tiredness. A proper breakfast can make a tremendous difference on your productivity and energy. Like, good breakfast is the best way to fighting fatigue, similarly bad breakfast can keep you tired and sluggish.

There are 3 things that you must surely include in your diet:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Natural sugar

First of all, including protein in your diet, can prevent frequent craving of food. Although, protein and carbs provide same amount of energy, but release mechanism is little different. Eating carbs will provide you with energy and your muscles with glycogen, which is a fuel for muscles.

Oats and eggs combination is a good way to start your day. Add honey to oats and milk, it will provide you with glucose and boosts your immunity.

Don’t get angry

Getting angry is the easiest way to drain all of your energy. And, due to the busy and hectic schedule, so much pollution and stress, it is very easy to get angry. A study conducted on a group of men revealed that angry increased testosterone, decreased cortisol and some other good stuff.

And, this stuff is totally rubbish. Even if their claims are right, these ‘good’ effect will be temporary. Like, cigarette calms your down, decrease your heat beat temporarily but it is not a long term solution.

But, if you follow the above three techniques: Eating proper breakfast, breath properly and drink water, then it is very difficult for you to get angry.

Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

Exercise is surely one of the best way to be energetic all day long. Although, it might happen, when you start exercising you feel a little tired. But, after one or two week you will start feeling more energetic, healthy and a bliss will fill you after each workout session.

But, do all exercise provide energy all day?

Although, any type of physical activity is good for you, but exercise that work on your cardiovascular system, helps you most to be energetic. Running or any other high intensity exercise are some good examples.

Weight lifting helps you by releasing excess energy from your body, so you’ll be full of energy without being hyperactive.



People sleep for 4-6 hours and they wonder why they always feel tired. Many professionals and students doing advance studies finds it hard to sleep for recommended amount of time, i.e 8-9 hours. Due to this, they aren’t able to function properly. The stress level increase, the cortisol level increase, happiness decrease and energy decrease.

First of all, the quality of sleep is as important as the quantity of sleep. Even if you sleep for 6 hours and that sleep is smooth and uninterrupted than it is more than enough. Sleeping is one of the best remedies for tiredness.

Note – Drinking alcohol prevents quality sleep. You might feel that your have slept for 8- hours but in reality it will worth 2-3 hours of natural sleep.

Divide your meal

In our childhood, we have been taught to eat 3 meals a day. But, there are several disadvantage to this approach. Firstly, in can make you fat and it slows you down. When you eat large quantity of carbs at a single time, your body use some of it as energy, store a part of it in your muscles as Glycogen and the remaining is converted to fat and stored in fat cells.

Secondly, when you eat heavy, it is natural that you’ll feel little sleepy. So, in spite the energy received for food your productivity will fall down.

Now, if you divide your meals into 6-8 small meals. Whenever you eat, your body will use it as energy and remaining will be stored in muscles, which will help to lose weight. And, eating less every time won’t make you sleepy also.

Note: When you keep long gaps between two meals, your body goes into a energy conservation mode, and hence you start feeling loss of energy.

Increase lung capacity

Athletes and people who have done lots of physical activity all their life have increased lung capacity. That means, their lungs can take more amount of air at any single instance. More amount of air means more amount of oxygen. Oxygen is very important in keeping you fresh. Good lung capacity will help remove more amount of toxins at a single time. People with good lungs seldom fell ill.

Deep breathing is an alternative. But, if you can permanently increase the lung expansion capacity, it will be much beneficial. Doing lots of cardio will overtime increase the amount of air you can intake. There are some yoga exercises to do the same.

Don’t talk bad about people

Don’t talk bad about people

When you talks bad about people, you use great amount of positive energy. Which makes you tired very easily. Plus, mouthing someone will fill you with negative energy. And, negative energy attractive stress and anxiety, which drains your energy even more. On the other hand, when you talk positive, you fill yourself with a torrent of positive energy.

If even after following all these measures you still feel tired, then you should go with a full body check up or a normal blood test. Low haemoglobin level can also make your tired.

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