HydroxyELITE – Powerful DMHA by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

HydroxyELITE – Powerful DMHA by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hydroxyelite, what is it?

The supplement includes powerful DMHA and is a diet additive helping bodybuilders to lose extra fat extremely fast. If you remember OxyElite Pro or Jack3d, you know they worked perfectly well because they contained 1,3-DMAA. So, it currently comes back in the form of DMHA, presented to you by the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Company! We have been testing this supplement and we are absolutely satisfied with it! This product takes the lead whatever you use it for, be it for energy, weight loss, bodybuilding or pre-workout!

Resulting benefits

  • Perfect aid for high-intensity training
  • Weight loss improvement
  • Higher mental acuity
  • Pure useful energy
  • Intense energy — makes you stronger for some time

The benefits mentioned above are provided by Hydroxyelite. Take this supplement as long as 8 weeks and experience perfect weight loss results and energetic sensations possible.

What to expect

The supplement boasts 98% of positive customer reviews. They experience huge energy buildup, lose more weight, can easily fight your sugar cravings and appetite appeals, and feel better in general. However, some users report such side effect as jitters. In case you experience this side effect, try taking a lower dosage or along with your food.

The supplement is perfect due to quality ingredients!

DMHA, caffeine, Garcinia cambogia extract are three main compounds helping athletes to lose weight, burning fat. Apart from that, those three compounds make them feel more energy, enhance their focus and improve their attitude. HydroxyElite supplies every single thing you need when on a diet! The recollected ingredients will assist you with burning calories and fat all day long as well, as they impose a persistent thermogenic effect on your body!

HydroxyELITE - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Where to buy HydroxyELITE ?

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Get the Best Price on HydroxyELITE: $37.49 – $39.95

What does HydroxyElite include?

DMHA. This agent proves to be among the most powerful thermogenic fat-burning supplements available on the modern market. It naturally takes norepinephrine in the human body to a higher level, and consequently, athletes receive all the same good old mood-enhancing, fat burning, and mind-focusing effects provided to them by other products prior to this entirely newly formulated supplement.

Caffeine. Hardly any fat burning supplement will ever be efficient, containing no caffeine. Consuming the supplement, athletes will also receive a good amount of caffeine supplying energy and alerting minds, as well as boosting thermogenic properties peculiar to all other compound of the formular.

Garcinia Cambogia. This is quite a recent fat-burning ingredient in supplements. Because the compound is non-stimulant, manufacturers add it to most modern products dealing with fat-burning. The ingredient reduces fatty acid synthesis in the body after meals. It is all natural ingredient helping to lose weight.

Bauhinia Purpurea Extract. One more ingredient helps athletes, taking the product, to lose weight due to its properties allowing them to efficiently burn fat. In fact, the compound assists your body in burning more calories for 24 hours.

Yohimbine. This particular product contains yohimbine in the form of Rauwolscine. Supplement manufacturers add it to their products as it prevents your body from storing fat.

HydroxyElite vs Lipodrene

Lipodrene is one more appreciated bodybuilding supplement. Modern Lipodrene contains DMHA as well but not in the amounts as HydroxyElite. Besides, Lipodrene contains Ephedra Extract, and the product we are telling you about does not. Nevertheless, Lipodrene is, all the same, best selling fat-burning product as athletes look exactly for Ephedra Extract. However, in case you are into higher dose of DMHA, new HydroxyElite is the appropriate choice for you.

HydroxyElite vs Stimerex

Stimerex also contains DMHA, however, in a smaller amount. The product includes several unique compounds making you feel how they work, not just see your results from outside.

Directions and dosage

We recommend you to dose as follows: take 1 or 2 capsules in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Athletes may consume it with food or without it. To assess your tolerance, start with only 1 capsule in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Exceeding 4 capsules within 24 hours is not allowed. Taking 3 capsules per day, one bottle will persist for one month. It is best to take this supplement for 8 weeks (2 bottles required).


Athletes can stack this supplement with other products except for some other stimulant-based fat-burning agent. We strongly recommend you to stack non-stimulant fat burning supplements if you want to take everything possible from this product in an efficient way.

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