5 Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels Quickly (Under 12 Hours)

5 Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels Quickly (Under 12 Hours)

Today we are going to reveal some powerful ways to increase testosterone levels quickly, as low as under 12 hours.
A brief explanation as to how testosterone is produced will help in better understanding to boost testosterone quickly.
Here is a short answer:

● Hypothalamus senses low testosterone and helps in secreting Luteinizing hormone
● This Luteinizing hormone makes your testes to produce testosterone
● Testes use cholesterol in your body for testosterone production.
● For a detailed answer on testosterone production read this article.

#1 Intermittent Fasting

An easier way to increase your testosterone level quickly is Intermittent Fasting. With Intermittent Fasting, you will be fasting for 16 hours straight without any snack or meal.

The easiest way is to eat your dinner early and sleep. In the morning skip breakfast. You will easily complete 16 hours without any trouble.

Of course, for the first three or four days, you will need to get accustomed. But after that its’ easy.

Intermittent fasting jump starts all your body’s organ, including the Hypothalamus. Hope you get the picture.

#2 Eat High Cholesterol Meal

By high cholesterol, we mean Pasteur raised eggs and meats. If you are considering dairy products ensure the source is organic and free range.

Most have the notion that cholesterol is bad for health. But it’s not and neither does it cause a heart attack.

Cholesterol is a vital element in our body. In fact, our body produces most of the cholesterol itself.

If you are still skeptic about cholesterol’s benefits pls read the book called ‘The Great Cholesterol Myth’ which you can find on Amazon.

#3 Low Carb Meal

First, let me explain why low carb is essential to quickly increase your testosterone levels.

Our body naturally converts around 10% of testosterone into estrogen. However, when you start to age more and more testosterone gets converted into estrogen. That is okay as its a natural process.

However, due to poor eating and living habits, younger men’s body tend to convert most testosterone into estrogen. And this conversion is done by the enzyme called aromatase.

Aromatase is produced when you eat carbs. It’s okay if you are taking carbs in lower amounts.

However, if you feel you are lethargic and have fatty tissues around the chest and belly then you are high in estrogen. You cannot simply eat low carb meals as you need to reverse the process.

Therefore, you need to go low in carb or completely avoid it to get your testosterone levels back.


We all know its scientifically proven that High Intensity Interval Training Boosts Testosterone levels quickly.

But what you haven’t heard is that resting is as important as HIIT.

See when you do HIIT training you need to rest for your body to recuperate and get that testosterone production going. If you are not resting enough then you are probably killing your body.

The best way to do HIIT? Workout 3 or 4 days per week Max.

And don’t forget to limit your reps to a maximum of 8 per set. If you can go higher then increase your weights.

#5 Supplements

Supplements are mandatory as you need that extra boost. However, not all supplements for testosterone are safe.

We have listed some top testosterone boosters that are all natural and safe. Choose any one from them and increase your testosterone levels quickly within days.

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Happy Testosterone!

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