5 Least trained muscles and how to train them properly!

5 Least trained muscles and how to train them properly!

In order to achieve the body of desire you need think as an artist. Consider your body as a pile of mud or a solid rock and work as a sculpturist to carve your body into the shape you want. And, as a sculpturist you need to give your attention to each and every part to make the perfect masterpiece.

The problem with most of the gym going people is that they are looking for short cuts and quick results. Due to this, they focus more on the muscles that appears to be more prominent. Biceps and abs are couple of examples of these muscles.

This leads to unsatisfying end results. In this article we will be discussing some of the muscles that most of the people down train.


Traps muscles can turn a cat into a lion. Traps muscles adds a lot to the overall physique of a man, but it works as a king maker and not the king itself. You take the best bodies in the business and you’ll notice all of them have good traps. Without them, the physique of a man appears incomplete.

How to build traps?

In order to build good traps, you need lift heavy. And, it won’t be very difficult as the movement you’ll perform is very simple and you don’t have to perform complex manoeuvres.

Tip: Use smith machine to work on your traps. With smith machine you don’t have to work on the stabilization part. All you have to do is pull the weight up. Don’t forget to use very heavy weights.

Second thing you have to remember is to focus on using only your traps. People use their shoulders too much. You have to go slow and use traps muscle as much as you can, to lift. In last reps you can take a little bit help from your shoulders.


Brachialis is a small muscle between biceps and triceps. Most of gym goers don’t even know about it, let alone training it. This is the muscle you should target if you want to see some definition in your arms. Although, it is a small muscle, but it is not very easy to target it.

The reason behind it is that other arms muscles comes into playing while to try to work on Brachialis. Lots of people do hammer curls in order to build this muscle. But, it is not very focused exercise.

Best exercise for Brachialis?

Pronated grip dumbbell curl is most directed exercise for Brachialis. You can also do pronated barbell curl, but it is very difficult. You can implement variations while doing this exercise.

Tip: It is very difficult to do pronated dumbbell curl with heavy weights, so it is better to start with less and work your way upwards. Or, you can do one arm at a time and use the other arm to support. This way to can go for high reps with more weight.


Many people see and observe these muscles but very few know the name. These muscles are the four lines around the side of your rib cage. Like other muscles in this list, Serratus is not very common among gym goers, but if trained effectively it can make a huge difference.

Serratus workout?

To make it simple, I would say, any exercise that including turning and twisting of your torso, is a good exercise for serratus. Standing wood chipper is probably the best exercise for serratus. It also works on your obliques. If you can, try to do this exercise without a t-shirt and in-front of a mirror.

It is always a good idea to see muscles as you work on them. It gives you a psychological boost, when you see your muscles contract and expand. Plus, looking at muscles helps you to keep your form correct.


Although, when you do shrugs and shoulder exercise you minutely target your neck muscles, but it is not enough to give you thick neck. If you have pencil neck, in spite of having thick muscles, you won’t appear strong to anyone. But, be careful when you are doing neck workout.

First of all, these exercises can put a lot of strain on your neck and if not done correctly can cause serious damages. Secondly, if you have under-developed neck muscles, it is still fine, but if you have over-developed muscles it can make you look very ridicules.

Face muscles

We have more than 2 dozen muscles in our face and yet never think about training them. The good thing about small muscles, like what you have in your face, is that your start seeing the results very quickly. Just by working on your face a few minutes a week, you can make your cheek bone and jawline more prominent.

Apart from this, doing facial exercise regularly, you can keep you facial muscle toned, which will make you look younger. Exercise helps in slimming down your face.

Exercise #1

Inflate your cheeks with air. Hold it for 15 seconds. Then release. Repeat it 3 times and make sure you feel great tension on your cheek muscles.

Exercise #2

Fill your mouth with lot of water and swish it on both the side, one by one. Do it till your cheeks start hurting. Do it 3 times.

Exercise #3

Open you mouth to the maximum. Place two fingers on top of your lower teeth and move your jaw up. Try to add resistance using your fingers. Do 3 sets of 15.

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