Banned Prohormones : The Official List

Banned Prohormones : The Official List

FDA has put a ban on many prohormones...

FDA has put a ban on many prohormones…

Over the years, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the US) decided to ban numerous prohormones.

To just name a few, Superdrol, Phera-Plex, Prostanozol and 1,4 AD (boldione) are part of our Official and most Up-To-Date list of banned prohormones.

*** This article will be updated soon because of the new prohormone ban of 2014-2015 ! ***

Please note that our list is valid for the US only.
The laws of other countries (canada, uk, germany…) may be different.

Official List of FDA Banned Prohormones (Up-To-Date 2014)

– 1-AD (1-Androstenediol) (Date of Ban : 01/20/2005)

– 1,4 AD Bold (Boldione) (Date of Ban : 01/04/2010)

– 4-AD (4-DHEA) (Date of Ban : 01/20/2005)

– 19-Nor DHEA (Norandrostenediol) (Date of Ban : 01/20/2005)

– First Tren Prohormone (Dienedione) (Date of Ban : 01/04/2010)

– Methyl-1-Testosterone (M1T) (Date of Ban : 01/20/2005)

– Phera-Plex (Date of Ban : 01/04/2010)

– Prostanozol (Date of Ban : 08/29/2012)

–  Superdrol (Date of Ban : 08/29/2012)

All other official prohormones are currently (as far as we know) not listed as a controlled substance.

Will there be a new prohormone ban soon ?

That’s a good question ! We’d like to tell you an exact answer but we don’t have one. According to a recent news (02/11/2014) on DigitalJournal, it look like the government want to introduce a new bill to ban all prohormones of the market !

No one knows if this bill will be validated or not but we will keep an eye on it for you.

Here is a recall of the FDA actions on prohormones :

– Many prohormones (1-AD, 4-AD, M1T…) and other substances were included in the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 which became effective in january 2005.
– FDA organized a big raid in 2009 at’s warehouses which lead to the prohormone ban of Bold, Tren and Phera-Plex.
– FDA organized an other raid in 2010 at’s warehouses.
– A new bill “Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act” was introduced in 2012 : Superdrol and Prostanozol are now on the banned prohormones list.

Banned prohormones for sale…

Either in a local or online store (located or not in the United States), you might find yourself in a “bizarre” situation where a seller is proposing you a banned prohormone for sale.

Our recommendation is to never accept this kind of deal. First, it’s illegal and you might risk a fine or even some jail time. Second, what prove you the product is legit ? Nothing. It might be some flour powder or even dangerous stuff.

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