M-Drol – Competitive Edge Labs Review

M-Drol – Competitive Edge Labs Review

Our Review of M-Drol – Competitive Edge Labs

M-Drol by Competitive Edge Labs is by far the most popular Superdrol prohormone ever made. Quality and price is what made M-Drol so acclaimed by the hardcore bodybuilders. Oh yeah, there is always also the extreme strength and lean mass gains you could expect with it ! Won’t say it twice, M-Drol could gives about 20 lbs of muscle in 4 weeks ! This methylated prohormone is strong but our rating is little bit less than some other Superdrol prohormones because of his current price quite high.

Product Description of M-Drol – Competitive Edge Labs

Competitive Edge Labs M-Drol is the ultimate prohormone. M-Drol is a Superdrol Clone available in bottles of 90 caps with each cap dosed at 10 mg of 2a,17a dimethyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol. No conversion into estrogen (wet compound), no bloat effect : only lean gains ! Big muscles and an awesome strength is what you will get with M-Drol. Please beware that this supplement is very powerful and you should be at least 21 years old before taking it.

Where to buy M-Drol – Competitive Edge Labs ?

M-Drol is no longer available on the market. We recommend you to read our article about the best prohormones of 2019.

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