M1,4ADD – Competitive Edge Labs Review

Our Review of M1,4ADD – Competitive Edge Labs

Launched by the good supplement company Competitive Edge Labs, M1,4ADD is great methylated prohormone that delivers extreme results ! From M1,4ADD, I gained alot of muscle mass and my strength went crazy. Please beware that M1,4ADD gives water retention (bloated effects) so your gains will lower after the post cycle therapy. M1,4ADD is a rare prohormone but if you can have your hands on it, it’s awesome!

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Where to buy M1,4ADD – Competitive Edge Labs ?

M1,4ADD is no longer available on the market. We recommend you to read our article about the best prohormones of 2016.

Product Description of M1,4ADD – Competitive Edge Labs

Directly coming from Competitive Edge Labs, M1,4ADD is the ultimate prohormone that will gives you awesome results. M1,4ADD contains Methyl-1,4 androstenediol (30mg/pill) which is a dianabol precursor (converts about at 15%). It also have similar effects to the Bold-Boldione (1,4AD) prohormone. Be ready to be a huge mass of muscle with M1,4ADD !

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