Mag-25 – LGI Supplements Review

Our Review of Mag-25 – LGI Supplements

Mag-25 by LGI Supplements is an high quality clone of the original P-Mag from Competitive Edge Labs. Dosed at 25mg/pill with 60 pills in the bottle, it’s the perfect prohormone for beginner. About $40 for one bottle and the results are similar to halodrol prohormones but a little bit better for mass gains. I like Mag-25 and will always like it, not hard on the body but good for the gains !

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Where to buy Mag-25 – LGI Supplements ?

P-Mag by Competitive Edge Labs is quite hard to find and Mag-25 by LGI Supplements is easy to find with a reasonable price (about $40 the bottle). Then Mag-25 is by far the best and easiest choice to run a Promagnon cycle :

Mag-25 by LGI Supplements

Mag-25 by LGI Supplements

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Product Description of Mag-25 – LGI Supplements

Designed by LGI Supplements, Mag-25 is a very good clone of P-Mag from Competitive Edge Labs. Mag-25 contains the active compound 4-Chloro-17a-Methyl-Andro-4-Ene-3,17b-Diol which is the promagnon prohormone. Users of Mag-25 should expect an increase of their strength and muscle mass (better than Halodrol with the same low side effects) !

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