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Our Review of Mechabol – Antaeus Labs

Recently launched by Antaeus Labs, Mechabol is a prohormone very similar to promagnon prohormones (p-mag, mag-25). You should expect the same effects as any promagnon prohormones. Increased my strength and my weight constantly during my 6 week cycle. This is the ideal prohormone for beginner and for advanced users (for prohormone staking) !

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Where to buy Mechabol – Antaeus Labs ?

Despite the fact that Antaeus Labs stopped the production of Mechabol, Mechabol is still available at a very low price in popular online stores. Mechabol is not a banned prohormone, Antaeus Labs made his choice by himself (If unavailable, look below other Promagnon Clones) :

Mechabol by Antaeus Labs

Mechabol by Antaeus Labs

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Product Description of Mechabol – Antaeus Labs

Created by Antaeus Labs, Mechabol is a methyl clostebol prohormone that produces about the same effects as any Promagnon prohormones with a lower dosage. Promagnon prohormones are known to give about the same effects as Halodrol prohormones but with a little bit more results (more mass gains). Users of Mechabol should expect an average muscle gain of 15 pounds for a 5 week cycle at 75mg/day !

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