Nasty Mass – Purus Labs Review

Nasty Mass – Purus Labs Review

Our Review of Nasty Mass – Purus Labs

Nasty Mass by Purus Labs was one of the strongest Phera Plex prohormone clone ever made. Each cap of Nasty Mass contains 10 mg of 17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol (Phera Plex) and 25 mg of 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one (Max LMG) and some other additionnal ingredients acting like a cycle support. Very complete and powerful, the Nasty Mass will produces massive strength and muscle gains. The use of cycle support supplements and proper post cycle therapy is highly recommended as it is a strong prohormone. No prohormone stack possible for this one, run it in solo and only if you’re advanced user of prohormone.

Product Description of Nasty Mass – Purus Labs

Purus Labs offers you one of the most potent prohormone on the market : Nasty Mass ! Nasty Mass contains two strong prohormones in it : Phera plex which a precursor to Desoxymethyltestosterone (DMT / Madol) and Max LMG (Methoxygonadiene). Composed at 50% with a methylated prohormone, you should expect impressive muscle gains under a very short delay. Cycles don’t need to be run further than 4 weeks to get a maximum of results. Mass gains of 15-20 lbs are quite normal with a Nasty Mass cycle !

Where to buy Nasty Mass – Purus Labs ?

Nasty Mass is no longer available on the market. We recommend you to read our article about the best prohormones 2024.

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