Novedex-XT – Promotes Testosterone Levels + PCT

Novedex-XT – Promotes Testosterone Levels + PCT

The Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Company presents Novedex-XT. Being a testosterone booster, it assists in keeping estrogen levels down and allows athletes to gain dry lean muscles, increase libido and cut their fat! The supplement is the ultimate testosterone booster that has a lot more effects! The supplement can also be used as a PCT!

Powerful ingredients

This patent-pending recipe prevails over its past rivals such as ATD, 6-OXO, and Formestane. Novedex XT boosts bioavailable testosterone release to the levels unreachable for any other testosterone enhancer available on the market. What is more, you will need only a small part of the usual dosage provided in other similar supplements. When tested, the product showed enormous reductions in estrogen conversions during the first week it was taken by the subjects of tests. Most certainly it is the most efficient probolic supplement taken to assist athletes in increasing strength, and persistence gaining lean muscle mass, and keeping them lean.

Novedex XT promotes bodybuilding effort

If you decide to take Novedex XT, mind that it is a perfect testosterone agent and a PCT supplement. This is due to 3 key components included in it, which provide you with better results for your body. They are 3b-hydroxy-androsta-1,4,6-triene-17-one, 3b-hydroxy-androsta-4,6-diene-17-one, and Arimistane.

3b-hydroxy-androsta-1,4,6-triene-17-one is a completely new component synthesized and promoted by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Being a steroid inhibitor, it binds to the specific enzyme converting testosterone to estrogen. The compound will increase testosterone release and decrease estrogen production.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals also produces 3b-hydroxy-androsta-4,6-diene-17-one, another inhibitor. We also call it ATD Imposter as its structure is similar to it.

Arimistane, or Aromatase Inhibitor, a DHEA compound, that slows down testosterone conversion to estrogen and allowing your body to accumulate more testosterone. When taking Arimistane, athletes gain muscle hardness and cut body fat!


  • Promotes Testosterone Levels
  • Assist in Blocking and Stabilizing Estrogen Levels
  • Assists in Increasing Strength and Endurance
  • Assists in Gaining Lean Mass
  • Acts as a PCT Supplement
  • Anti Aromatase Supplement
Novedex-XT - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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