The OTC PCT / Over the counter Post cycle therapy

The OTC PCT / Over the counter Post cycle therapy

All the information needed to do an OTC PCT.

What is the best Post cycle therapy, a PCT with SERMs or an OTC PCT ?

Without any doubt, the best post cycle therapy is with SERMs but with some prohormones, an OTC PCT can be enough. The SERMs are the best products to use for a post cycle therapy because the Otc Pct supplements are way less potent. However, the Otc Pct supplements are still enough potent so we can use them for many prohormone cycles.

What are the prohormones I can and can’t take when doing an OTC PCT ?

Prohormones not eligible for an OTC PCT :
Superdrol, Pheraplex, M-1,4ADD , Max LMG, Dymethazine, M-Sten, Cynostane, Methyl-1-Alpha

Prohormones eligible for an OTC PCT :
1-Andro, 4-Andro, 19 NorAndro, Epi-Andro, Propadrol, 11-OXO, Bold, Halodrol, Promagnon, Protodrol, Tren, Epistane-Havoc, Furazadrol, D-Plex, Prostanozol, Stanodrol

What are the bodybuilding supplements needed to do a proper OTC PCT ?

To do a proper OTC PCT, you will need to take multiple supplements. Why ? To obtain a similar effect to a SERM, you have to combine the OTC PCT/Post cycle therapy supplements. Remind you that the Post Cycle Therapy supplements are here to help boost natural production of testosterone and to control the level of estrogen after a cycle of prohormone.

A testosterone booster :

You need a good testosterone that will boost your natural production of testosterone + control your estrogen level. A good testosterone booster is generally composed with Divinal and Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C).

* You can read our reviews and reviews from users of Testosterone Boosters by clicking here.

A Liver support or Full Cycle Support supplement :

Like for any prohormones cycles, you need to take support supplements. These supplements are designed to protect your body (liver functions, lipid profiles, blood pressure, etc.) in a cycle and after in the post cycle therapy. All of them pretty much contain the Milk Thistle and NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) which are good ingredients.

* You can read our reviews and reviews from users of Full Cycle Support Supplements by clicking here.

An Anti-Estrogen :

Sometimes the testosterone boosters don’t contain anti-estrogen ingredients. Therefore, you need to take an anti-estrogen supplement that will control your level of estrogen (reduce it).

* You can read our reviews and reviews from users of Anti-Estrogen by clicking here.

Where to buy OTC PCT Supplements ?

Otc Pct Supplements can be bought in all good bodybuilding online stores.

More Questions – Answers about the OTC PCT

I have everything needed to do an OTC PCT, can you guarantee me that is a safe solution for a PCT ?

Yes and No. The safest and best method to do a PCT is to use SERMs. Otc Pct Supplements are good for some cycle of prohormones but everyone reacts differently to prohormones.

When does an OTC PCT starts ?

Like a normal PCT with SERMs, an OTC PCT starts the day after you’ve stopped your last pills of prohormones. (Ex: Last pills on monday, you start taking otc pct supplements on tuesday.)

What is the dosage for the Otc Pct Supplements ?

Just follow recommendations from manufacturers.

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