P-Stanz by Competitive Edge Labs

P-Stanz – Competitive Edge Labs Review

Our Review of P-Stanz – Competitive Edge Labs

As usual, P-Stanz from Competitive Edge Labs is an high quality prohormone clone of Prostanozol. Dosed at 50mg of [3,2-c]pyrazole-5alpha-etioallocholane-17beta-tetrahydropyranol per pill, P-Stanz is the best prohormone for recomposition & cutting cycles. This prohormone is pretty easy on the body and can be use in alone or for prohormones stacks. Too bad it’s now a banned prohormone…

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Where to buy P-Stanz – Competitive Edge Labs ?

Unfortunately, Competitive Edge Labs has discontinued their production of P-Stanz a long time ago. Prostanozol (P-Stanz) is also a banned prohormone since the prohormone ban in 2012 (august). You can check with the link below if you can still buy P-Stanz. If you are looking for a legal prohormone (currently in 2013) with similar effects, you can look our other links just after.

P-Stanz by Competitive Edge Labs

P-Stanz by Competitive Edge Labs

Buy P-Stanz – Competitive Edge Labs

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Product Description of P-Stanz – Competitive Edge Labs

One more great prohormone clone from Competitive Edge Labs ! P-Stanz is an high quality clone of Prostanozol which is considered like a Winstrol prohormone. With P-Stanz, you can easily reduce your bodyfat levels while also getting lean muscle gains ! Non methylated, you can P-Stanz in solo or combine it with multiples prohormones to get more benefits.

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