6 Signs of Low Testosterone During Puberty

6 Signs of Low Testosterone During Puberty

Here are 6 signs of low testosterone during puberty. But before you can proceed you need to understand that it’s okay for 2/3 rd of the population to be low in testosterone during puberty. As time passes testosterone production will kick in. In short, most are later bloomers.

Puberty is a time when teenage boys have a growth spurt. This usually happens when they are 13 or 14. During this time their testosterone production is at its height. Most important of all their body starts to change and teenagers are the first to notice.

However, not all teenagers have a growth spurt at the same time.

It has been found that two third of the general population have a late growth spurt. In most cases, you don’t have to do anything. Just waiting will resolve the issue. However, if you are 19 and still low in testosterone then you need alternative measures to treat low testosterone. And this condition is called Hypogonadism.

Here are 6 Signs of Low Testosterone During Puberty

  • Lack of Pubic hair
  • Lack of development of bodily hairs
  • Your voice hasn’t deepened yet
  • Your height is lesser compared to other teenagers of your age
  • Lack of muscle development
  • Lack of penis growth

How to Find that I am Low In Testosterone?

It’s simple. Get your blood tested out. It will reveal the number of free testosterone present. This is the best and cheapest way to find your testosterone level. If the levels are within normal range then you fine irrespective of what bodily changes you lack or notice.

However, if your free testosterone levels are below normal then you need to follow the below steps.

What to Do If I am Low in Testosterone?

As mentioned earlier you are probably a late bloomer. Wait until you are 18 or 19. Even after that if you still feel you are low in testosterone then you probably need testosterone replacement therapy.

Don’t for testosterone gels. You cannot calculate how much of gel rubbed on your skin is being absorbed. Moreover, there is the danger of passing the gel onto your spouse or anyone who comes in contact with you.

The best way to boost testosterone is using Testosterone injections. It is advised to inject with only 1/4th of the testosterone level needed so that it jumpstarts the body’s natural testosterone production. And this must be done over a period of a year.

If you inject with a higher amount of testosterone levels then there is a good chance the hormone will fuse your bones resulting in stunted growth.

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Yes, there is. Just run, play and have a good night’s sleep. Sleep is most vital for your testosterone production.

Your body produces most of its testosterone while you are asleep. Therefore, do not miss this.

There are also natural testosterone supplements available that are completely safe. Here we have listed some best testosterone supplements.

Hope, we have answered your query about signs of low testosterone during puberty. If you still have anything to ask, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

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