Stano – Elite Formulations Review

Stano – Elite Formulations Review

Our Review of Stano – Elite Formulations

Stano by Elite Formulations is a very good Stanodrol prohormone clone ! Indeed, Stano Elite is one of my favourite prohormone to build lean mass while also loosing bodyfat levels. Stano Elite contains 150mg of 3-beta-hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one (Stanodrol) per pill which is non methylated and can be used either in solo or prohormone stacks. When available at a low price, this is the best stanodrol prohormone on the market !

Product Description of Stano – Elite Formulations

Elite Formulations brings you a great cutting or lean bulking prohormone : Stano which is a Stanodrol prohormone clone. Stano Elite contains 150mg of 3-beta-hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one per pill ! Stano Elite can be used in solo or in prohormone stacks since it’s a non methylated prohormone. Users of it should expect great lean muscle gains, a bodyfat loss (cortisol control) and a great increase of their strength !

Where to buy Stano – Elite Formulations ?

Stano is no longer available on the market. We recommend you to read our article about the best prohormones of 2019.

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