Summer time : what are the best prohormones for cutting cycles

Summer time : what are the best prohormones for cutting cycles

Find out the best cutting prohormones

Summer is here and you really want to be lean, vascular and muscular for the beach or just for the pleasure of being shredded ? You should do a prohormone cutting cycle ! It’s pretty much easy : all you got to do is to have a proper diet and training program…

Oh, almost forgot : You will also need a cutting prohormone ! Read this article if you want to get a list of the best cutting prohormones.

*** Note *** : Please note that some of these prohormones can be banned since we published this article in 2013.

1. Furazadrol / Orastan-A

Furazadrol is an excellent cutting prohormone and probably the best one ! Non methylated with zero to low side effects, Furazadrol is a powerful cutting prohormone very similar to the steroid Winstrol. Dosage does not have to be really high (EX : 150 mg) to start reducing your bodyfat level and cycle length can go up to 7 weeks without any side effects. This is definatly my best prohormone choice for a cutting cycle ! Here is one popular clone of the Furazadrol prohormone :

Xtreme Shred by Anabolic Technologies

Xtreme Shred by AlphaLab Technologies (formerly Anabolic Technologies)

Buy Xtreme Shred – AlphaLab Technologies

More infos (dosage, pct, other clones, etc.) of Fura prohormone here : Fura prohormones

2. Adrenosterone / 11-Ketotestosterone also known as 11-OXO

Initially launched by Ergopharm as 11-OXO, the Adrenosterone prohormone is a very good cutting prohormone. It’s non methylated and you will most likely feel no side effects at all. Adrenosterone is a cutting prohormone really effective at any dosage. You can even do a cutting cycle of 7 weeks with it. With Adrenosterone, you will feel an awesome cortisol control effect that has a direct result on fat loss. You will also feel a great increase of vascularity and muscle hardness. Due to his price (a bit expensive), it ranks at the second position of the best cutting prohormones. Here is one popular clone of the 11-OXO prohormone :

11-X by LGI Supplements

11-X by LGI Supplements

Buy 11-X – LGI Supplements

More infos (dosage, pct, other clones, etc.) of 11-OXO prohormone here : 11-OXO prohormones

3. Stanodrol

Stanodrol is a great cutting prohormone but we rated it as our third choice for a couple reasons. First, Stanodrol (whatever the dosage) will help you decrease bodyfat level but not as much as Adrenosterone or Furazadrol can do. But we still consider Stanodrol as one of the best cutting prohormone because it will give you a good increase of your energy and muscle hardness. More intensive workouts with a moderated effect on fat loss : here is what Stanodrol can offer to you ! Here is one popular clone of the Stanodrol prohormone :

Stano-200 by LGI Supplements

Stano-200 by LGI Supplements

Buy Stano-200 – LGI Supplements

More infos (dosage, pct, other clones, etc.) of Stanodrol prohormone here : Stanodrol Prohormones

What about the other prohormones like Halodrol, Epistane and Protodrol for prohormones cutting cycles ?

There is no problem to use these prohormones for a cutting cycle. However, they are less powerful than Furazadrol for example.

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