Synedrex – Metabolic Nutrition

Synedrex – Metabolic Nutrition

Bodybuilders always look for a “single pill a day” solution to enhance their energy, lose weight, and get rid of fat. In case you are one of them, it looks like your dream comes true with Synedrex. This product is surely the most powerful thermogenic supplement available on the modern market! A single small capsule of Synedrex contains ingredients providing your body with persistent energy supply to accelerate metabolic processes, and suppress hunger sensations for the next several hours.

This thermogenic fat-burning agent, taken once a day, not only helps you burn fat and feel strong, it also helps your body to regulate glucose amount in the blood, fights food cravings, makes your mood better by increasing energy levels. Take just a Single Dose a Day for the subsequent 45 Days! Stop hesitating! Hurry to try the first new-generation Fat-Burning supplement!


  • Burn more calories each day;
  • Increase your body’s energy levels;
  • Keep up your healthy blood sugar levels by controlling carbohydrates intake to reduce sugar cravings;
  • Suppress your food cravings to have more time to enjoy life rather than look for something to eat.

Synedrex vs other products…

If compared with Lipodrene, this product is very similar. They actually differ in some compounds like DMHA being an ingredient in Synedrex, and Ephedra extract present in the Lipodrene formula. You can try using both supplements and find out which of the products works better for you.

Because Hydroxycut has Ephedra in its formula, it will always be better. However, modern Synedrex is much stronger than ever before. So, it has no rivals.

While the Animal Cuts supplement is a strong fat burner, Hydroxycut overcomes its strength beyond comparison.

What is much like Synedrex?

The Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Company has another peculiar product which is much like Synedrex. We call it Synadrene. All fat burning agents produce quite similar effects, Stimerex ES, Lipodrene, and Lipodrene Hardcore, to name a few.

How to take

One capsule per 24 hours will suffice. Because Synedrex is an extremely powerful supplement, we strongly recommend you to consume it along with food for the first couple days. After that, when you develop tolerance, you can safely take it on an empty stomach in the morning. Never take more than 1 capsule per day. Avoid taking the supplement if less than 12 hours left before bedtime!

Synedrex Ingredients: Caffeine Anhydrous / 2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) / Eria Jarensis Extract / Grains of Paradise (Paradoxine) / Bitter Orange Extract / Yohimbine HCL / Higenamine / Hordenine / Huperzine A / Naringin / N-Methyphenethylamine / L-Dopa / Poly-Thyronine.

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