How testosterone will make you more successful?

How testosterone will make you more successful?

If you know a little bit about testosterone and what effects it has on our body, you might be knowing the importance of the testosterone. There is no doubt that testosterone is good for your physical health and we have discussed in previous articles that testosterone is also beneficial for our mental health. And, in this article we will be discussing how important testosterone is for your success.

All successful people might not have high level of testosterone but they certainly posses some qualities that are common in most of them. One of them is “confidence”. You will rarely see a successful person who lack confidence. And, if you think that success brought that confidence then you are wrong. Success is by-product of confidence not the other way around.

And, testosterone brings you confidence. I will tell you how. As success is the by-product of confidence, similarly, confidence is also the by-product of few things. Like physical health, mental health, appearance, positivity etc. We have already discussed in this article how testosterone makes you attractive. From skin glow to giving you fuller face to lean muscle, it effects many aspects of beauty in a good way.

According to WHO, health is defined as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Testosterone truly satisfy the term of “well-being”. Apart from making you physically fit, testosterone gives you a sense of well being. People high on testosterone generally feels happier. And, it is very well known that when you are happy your productivity increases. At work and at home!


Testosterone increases the concentration. Now days, jobs requiring physical efforts are less and your brain is put more to work. Hence, your concentration and focus should be very good in order to succeed. Just by having good concentration you can be 10 times more productive. People usually mediate to focus better and strangely mediation also reduce stress which in turn increases testosterone. People with low testosterone are usually irritable and lack focus.

Will Power

Testosterone gives you will power. You’ll notice this most during working out. After doing a number of reps, there comes a time when you feel like giving up without completing the entire set. When your testosterone level is high you won’t give up that easily. I have noticed this change myself. And, will power is something that is not limited to just one portion of life.

Persistence comes from will power. Whatever you are doing in life. There is 99% chance that you won’t get it, in first attempt and for most of us it takes many. And, you’ll fail only when you don’t have the will power for going on and on and on.

I read this line somewhere, it said, “99% people work for the 1% who never gave up.” You can realize the importance of will power from it.

Battery charged

Testosterone keeps your battery always charged. That means, people with high level of testosterone have high energy through out the day. There can be many reasons behind it. One of them is that testosterone controls the production of RBC’s. High RBC equals high oxygen equals high energy.

When you are low in energy even the simplest task appears difficult and unfathomable. But, when you are energetic even the most difficult problems appears conquerable. Plus, when you have high energy all day. You will be more active when you return home from work.

The best part about testosterone is that it enhances the libido. Both in men and women. And, in most of the cases, in a relation the problems usually start in bed. If your relation with your partner is going well, then you can be more focused on work during the working hour.


Lots of people argue that a person with high testosterone level is more aggressive. Actually, it is partially true. Testosterone does makes you aggressive but in the way you deal with life and not with other people. People with low testosterone are usually passive. And, they are the ones who refrain from accepting new challenges in life. As I have said before, testosterone restores a sense of well being, a sense of happiness in your life. It also gives you a “Go get it” attitude.

Obviously, unlike many other factors change in attitude cannot be measured, it can only be felt. Achievers are the once who like to go outside their comfort zones and accept challenges. When high level of testosterone is circulating in your body, you’ll be up for challenges all the time. And, you’ll tackle them more ferociously.

Risk taker

A study was conducted on a group of skate boarders, in which the effect of presence of hot girls around was analyzed. It was seen that the testosterone level of the skate boarders increased when the hot girls were around. And, with increase in testosterone the skateboarders started taking more risks.

“Take risk, if you win you’ll be happy and if you lose you’ll be wise.” No words can be as true as those. First of all, very few have achieved great things without risk. Taking risk is as important for success as breathing for living.

Even if you fail, from that experience that will prepare you for obstacles that the future will present. As it is said in Bhagavad Gita, “no effort is ever wasted.”


There is no profession that doesn’t require for you to have good memory of some level. Some jobs may require more and some jobs require less. Improving memory is one of the many benefits of testosterone. I am sure you won’t get a memory like Sherlock but it would be good enough to take you far in whatever you do. In any case, having a good memory can’t be a bad things, except when you are trying to move on!

In this article, we discussed few benefits of testosterone that will help you become successful. But, there are many other benefits of testosterone,which you must know, for overall development. Plus, you should know how to increase testosterone naturally. And, believe me it is easier than you think.

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