The Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) Prohormone Profile

The Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) Prohormone Profile

Presentation of the Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) prohormone

Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) prohormones recently came on the market with the launch of a new prohormone : Alpha One by Competitive Edge Labs. Methyl-1-Alpha prohormones are often called “Methyl-1-AD” prohormones because they contains Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone. To avoid confusion, Methyl-1-Alpha and Methyl-1-AD prohormones are the same thing.

The active compound of Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) prohormones is Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone. This compound converts to Methyl-1-Testosterone (m1t) at about 15-20%. In addition, m1a is already an active oral steroid which makes Alpha One a very potent prohormone !

As of today, there is only three official prohormones that contains Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone and all of them have their production discontinued : Alpha One by Competitive Edge Labs, Methyl-1-Alpha by Legal Gear (LG Sciences) and Methyl XT by EST.

Where to buy the Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) prohormone ?

Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) is no longer available on the market. We recommend you to read our article about the best prohormones 2024.

Additional information on a cycle of Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) prohormone

Methyl-1-Alpha is an illegal prohormone (banned) used to have massive gains in size and strength. Methyl-1-Alpha prohormones are methylated and known to be hard on the body (low dosage, short cycles and liver support supplements are very important).

Since it has a conversion into the m1t prohormone, Methyl-1-Alpha prohormones produces rapid mass gains. Chances of side effects are quite high with Methyl-1-Alpha, only advanced users should take m1a.

Results from Methyl-1-Alpha are really similar to the m1t prohormones : it appears that Methyl-1-Alpha should makes you gain about 10-15-20 lbs under a very short cycle (3 or 4 weeks) with a very low dosage (20 to 60mg daily). Moreover, you should feel an extreme increase of strength.

Methyl-1-Alpha is a methylated prohormone, therefore anyone running Methyl-1-Alpha should take at least a liver support supplement or a full cycle support supplement. Any cycle with Methyl-1-Alpha goes with a PCT with SERMs.

* At the end of this article, you will find a Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) Prohormone Chart to run a proper cycle of this prohormone.

The Methyl-1-Alpha (m1a) Prohormone Chart

Here is some important details about the methyl-1-alpha prohormones. Have a question or need help, just leave out a comment.

Popular clones of Methyl-1-Alpha: Alpha One by Competitive Edge Labs, Methyl XT by EST, Methyl-1-Alpha by Legal Gear, Alpha-M1 by Dynamic Formulas, Alpha-1 MAX by Blackstone Labs, Alpha 20 by LGI Supplements

Nomenclature of Methyl-1-Alpha: Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone

Methylated Prohormone: Yes

Results/Gains of a Methyl-1-Alpha Cycle: Overall mass gains of 10-15-20 lbs (depending on your diet) with a 3-4 weeks cycle.

Side effects of a Methyl-1-Alpha Cycle: Middle to high side effects

Protection needed for a cycle of Methyl-1-Alpha: A liver support supplement or a full cycle support supplement

Post Cycle Therapy for a Methyl-1-Alpha cycle: You must do a PTC with SERMs.

Dosage recommended for a first cycle of Methyl-1-Alpha :

Week 1-: 20mg daily * Week 2-3-4: 40mg daily

Dosage recommended for an advanced cycle of Methyl-1-Alpha :

Week 1: 40mg daily * Week 2-3-4: 60mg daily

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