Top 5 Scientifically-Proven and Tested Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Top 5 Scientifically-Proven and Tested Tips to Help You Lose Weight

The internet is saturated with countless myths and recommendations about fitness and weight-loss. These myths fail to acknowledge the fact that weight loss, just like any other goal, requires sheer focus, lifestyle changes, and determination to attain. The article will, however, rise above the misconceptions and wade through the options to present you with refined science-based tips that will simplify your weight-loss journey.

Tip 1: Consume a Protein-Rich Breakfast

Studies have ascertained that proteins play a crucial role in alleviating hunger and reducing the quantities of foods you consume during your subsequent meals. High protein foods such as whole eggs, oats, beef, and seafood stimulate your body to produce more fullness hormones (peptide hormones) and fewer hunger hormones (ghrelin hormones). In effect, you ingest fewer calories, cutting down your daily calorie intake.

Tip 2: Drink Water Before Meals

Scientific studies have confirmed that drinking water plays a focal role in revving your metabolic reactions. A high metabolic reaction causes your body to break down stored fats at a faster rate, reducing the numbers of calories that get reserved in your body. Besides fueling your body to burn stored fats, adopting this routine reduces your hunger levels causing you to eat less food afterward.

Tip 3: Cut Down Your Carbs and Sugars Intake

Most overweight/obesity cases in America and across the globe are connected to the massive intake of carbohydrates and sugars. The rapid conversion of carbs-rich foods into glucose causes the body to reserve them in the form of fats which lead to weight accumulation. However, switching to low carb meals such as nuts, pasta, and bread reduces the rate of buildup of fats in your body helping you keep your weight in check.

Tip 4: Keep Tabs of Your Diet and Calories

Tracking and monitoring your weight on a regular basis empowers you with positive energy and awareness which helps you manage your weight. A research conducted in 2017 revealed that more than 3 billion health apps were downloaded before the close of that year. These apps are essential at helping you estimate the numbers of calories you ingest versus those you burn. In this manner, you can eat mindfully and consciously while making necessary adjustments to keep your weight on track.

Tip 5: Get Ample and Undistracted Sleep

A distracted and unsettled sleep not only lowers your metabolism rate but also steps up your insulin production. Slow metabolism causes your body to reserve fats faster, and more insulin enhances the reservation of fats in your body. In contrast, ample sleep heightens the breakdown of fats in your body and decreases the rate at which your body stores fats.

The above tips do not work like magic bullets to give you instant results overnight. It takes extra discipline and determination to keep implementing them for significant results to be seen. However, sticking by them will not only help you attain your dream shape but will also assure you of a healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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