Tren 13-Ethyl – NRG-X Labs Review

Our Review of Tren 13-Ethyl – NRG-X Labs

Tren 13-Ethyl is a Max-LMG prohormone launched by NRG-X Labs. My own opinion on Tren 13-Ethyl is not done about the quality of the supplement but about the overall hype on NRG-X Labs supplements. Tren 13-Ethyl is a very good Max-LMG prohormone but his price is way too high (personal opinion) and there are other quality Max-LMG prohormones at a lower price. However, Tren 13-Ethyl still remains a good non methylated prohormone that delivers great gains in muscle mass and strength.

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NRG-X Labs supplements are sold pretty much everywhere. You will have no problem to find and buy Tren 13-Ethyl (If unavailable, look other offers for a Max-LMG prohormone below):

Tren 13-Ethyl by NRG-X Labs

Tren 13-Ethyl by NRG-X Labs

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Product Description of Tren 13-Ethyl – NRG-X Labs

Produced by NRG-X Labs, Tren 13-Ethyl contains 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one (dosed at 25mg/pill) which is the Max-LMG compound. Tren 13-Ethyl will gives you some gains in size and strength but his main advantage comes from his non methylated formula. This non methylated prohormone can be used by beginners (in solo) or by advanced users for prohormone stacks !

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