Tribulus – Now Foods Review

Tribulus – Now Foods Review

Tribulus Terrestris is derived from the flowering plant from the family Zygophyllaceae. It is known by many names and has had over the centuries numerous uses to enhance the body’s performance. Hundreds of years of traditional medicine have included the use of this herb in both China and India. It was always thought of as a libido enhancing herb, which is why many thought it would be good for boosting testosterone. Unfortunately, this hasn’t proven out.

Also called Burra bokharu, bindii, cathead, goathead, and yellow vine, Tribulus Terrestris has been put to many different uses in this modern age. It is used as a natural supplement to increase stamina, stimulate libido, and even to treat erectile dysfunction and infertility. Its reputation as a worthy bodybuilding supplement, however, is dubious.

The plant has long been lauded for its many benefits for athletes. It is thought to increase stamina and duration. This means longer, more intense workouts where the individual is able to push past his or her normal personal limit. This may be due to the adaptogenic effect, but not due to increased testosterone.

Because of the many effects that this supplement has on the body, many believe that it helps to build more muscle, more rapidly. This, working in tandem with the increased endurance enables people to push beyond personal plateaus in more ways than one. Not only are workouts longer and more intense, they also become far more effective. Muscle definition becomes more apparent troublesome areas rapidly begin to firm up, making this an excellent addition to the regime of anyone who feels that they have literally done everything and still have received only minimal results.

The active compounds in this plant are called steroidal saponins. These are located in the leaf of the plant. Many individuals believe that a moderate course of doses will increase testosterone, estrogen, and DHEA because of this. Unfortunately, there is no reason to believe that Tribulus boosts testosterone. Still, it is an effective sexual aid.

Finding a reputable online or local supplier is key to getting a high quality, pure product. Online ratings and reviews help consumers find those companies that have a history of supplying potent supplements. While local stores often carry several versions of Tribulus Terrestris supplements, there is a far more vast selection that can be found online. Shoppers can find a supplement that is tailored to their own specific needs. Unfortunately, much of the Tribulus on the market is the cheap 40% protodioscin variety, which is just a cheap form that has no real benefit. Many people are choosing other natural alternatives like Tinospora or even long jack.

There are certain things to make certain of when shopping for natural supplements online, however. Make certain that the shipping costs are not extensive before financially committing to a product. It is also imperative as well to shop only on sites that offer private security for buyers and to purchase products that have been extensively reviewed and has a well-documented history of customer satisfaction.

As with all natural supplements, caution should be exercised when implementing a program of use. Tribulus Terrestris should not be used by pregnant or lactating women and is not recommended for those who have hormone-dependent illnesses such as breast cancer. In a rare number of cases, continued use has caused an increase in breast tissue in men. Your online resources can help you learn more about this increasingly popular supplement, and find a supplier that offers value and security.

Tribulus - Now Foods

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