Ultradrol discontinued : the new Ultadrol Elite formulations is here

Ultradrol discontinued : the new Ultadrol Elite formulations is here

Ultradrol Elite Formulations Review

Ultradrol Antaeus Labs reborns with Ultradrol Elite Formulations

Yep guys ! For those who did know what was going on, Antaeus Labs told us last year (2012) that production of Ultradrol was discontinued.

Antaeus Labs also mentioned that they could “maybe” licence the raw material of the discontinued popular methylstenbolone prohormone to an other company…

Guess what, it happened because Elite Formulations recently launched the new Ultadrol Elite ! Here is a our review of it.

* Original Ultradrol Antaeus Labs VS the new Ultradrol Elite *

Let’s go straight to the point : that’s not a big deal but it’s worh it ! Of course, there is a difference. Ultradrol Elite offers 3 mg extras of methylsten per caps, so 7 mg in total instead of the original 4 mg dosage. Around in the same price range as before, Ultradrol Elite has a better ratio price/quality as you get way more methylstenbolone. 75% more exactly per bottle !

I’ve not tried myself the new Ultradrol Elite but I can tell you that Elite Formulations produces legit prohormones so you don’t have to worry about that. You should expect the same extreme muscle mass and strength gains as we mention in our original Ultradrol Review.

Where So where can I buy Ultradrol Elite Formulations ?

Ultradrol Elite is available to buy in most online supplement store. At some stores, you can even buy some of last bottles of the Antaeus Labs Ultradrol ! Not to mention that Ultradrol (regardless of the manufacturer) is a legal prohormone in the USA that replaces perfectly superdrol ! Best advice here : get it while you can… (If not available, look up other links below)

Ultradrol Elite by Elite Formulations

Buy Ultradrol Elite – Elite Formulations

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