Wyked Labs

Wyked Labs


Wyked Labs is a supplement company known to have high quality prohormones such as 7-Ment Alpha (mentabolan clone) or Estrastain (trenavar + Epistane). We don’t know when Wyked Labs appeared on the prohormone market. The first messages and reviews about it are from 2012 so this our guess. So far, we found no negative feedback on Wyked Labs.

Our Wyked Labs review : that’s a 4/5 for us ! Prices are a bit high but the good quality make it worth !

Additional infos on Wyked Labs : website, contact, distributors

After many searches, we did not find any “official” website for the prohormone manufacturer Wyked Labs. There is a site “WykedLabs.com” who’s powered by Icon Supplements. We don’t know if they only did that for marketing purpose and/or if they are the official owner.

As for distributors, you will be able to find a whole range of “off and online” shops carrying the Wyked Labs products.

Here is a few links to online distributors where you can buy Wyked Labs Supplements : Amazon.com (best prices since high competition), A1Supplements, Icon Supplements…

List of Wyked Labs Supplements

For the moment and as far as we know, Wyked Labs launched about 5 supplements (all of them are prohormones). From time to time we will do reviews about them on our site but you can also find feedback (cycle log) on other websites/forums. Here is the list of Wyked Labs Supplements up to today (21 march 2014) :

  • 7-Ment Alpha (Mentabolan)
  • Estrastain (Trenavar + Epistane)
  • M1-Alpha (m1a – Methyl 1 Alpha)
  • M14-Ment (Mentabolan + M1,4ADD)
  • Swoll-250 (Deca + Hexadrone + Max LMG + Methylstenbolone)
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